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Anyone who has been considering going "portable" with their music, but has been afraid to for fear their favorite songs won't be available, can put those fears aside. The music download business might be new, but it's booming. This means the selection is also growing, on a daily basis in some cases. If a song has been recorded, it's likely already available for download, or it soon will be.

Music downloads are now available for just about any type of music imaginable. From the classics to indie bands that haven't even cut records, it's possible to find downloads that cover it all.

Whether you go online to large music download sites, or visit individual band Web sites, music downloads can be found that represent almost every era of recorded music. Here are some of the most common genres that can now be found in music download format:

Top 40
Since the bands that make music in the Top 40 are contemporary, so are their marketing strategies. It's a safe bet if something is on a Top 40 station, it can be found in download format, too.

Contemporary country
As it is with Top 40, so it goes for country. Music download sites offer a huge collection of modern country with the big hits readily available.

Classic rock, country
These too can be found online. As more music companies get into the download game, they are opening up their libraries for fans to buy their favorites one song at a time.

Classical music
New recordings and even old ones of classical songs can be found on many download locations. There's no reason to think that you can't rock out with Bach or swing with Beethoven while enjoying music downloads.

Jazz, blues
Again, as the major music labels all get into the music download business, they are opening up their libraries and making all their songs available for purchase online.

Seasonal favorites
Christmas music, Easter songs and more can all be found online. In fact, some of the best selection of seasonal favorites can actually be found online rather than in actual music stores.

Gospel recording artists have also discovered the power of online downloads. A huge selection of gospel music can be found online, representing both new and old songs.

Going portable can be a very big switch for someone who is used to toting around dozens of CDs, tapes or even old fashion records, but the fact is there really is no need to fear losing favorite music styles by making this choice. As more and more record labels offer up their catalogues online, the music download spectrum is growing in leaps and bounds.

What's even better about music downloads is the fact they can be purchased one song at a time. There's no reason to buy full albums to get your favorite song. Plus, the ability to make personalized "mixes" is a whole lot of fun. If you're idea of a good song lists includes Top 40 with a bit of country and a sprinkling of jazz, that's more than possible to create.

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