The Basics of Digital Camera Care

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Your digital camera is an expensive and sophisticated possession. It is a long-term investment and hence, worth protecting. This delicate gadget needs special care and attention at all times for better performance. Though most of us know the importance of taking care of a digital camera, barely anyone go for the safe and proper way to do that. Everyone knows that the camera body and lens should be handled with care as they are prone to damage and scratches. But few people know that there are also some other aspects that are ctritical to the digital camera care. Just put in some efforts and follow some basic tips and make your precious camera perform efficiently for years.

Camera Lens:

Lens is the most important part of your digital camera; it is the window towards the outside world. A small scratch or spot on the lens will destroy the whole picture. Hence, care should be taken to keep it clean but not by touching with the fingers directly. If there is any dust, first try to blow it up, if it is still there wipe it with a soft lens cleaning tissue or you can use a lens brush or lens blower. You can even find lens cleaners specifically meant for digital camera. Do not forget to cover the lens while the digital camera is not in use.

Delicate Parts of the Camera:

Memory card is one of the most delicate components of your digital camera. You may find CompactFlash, SD or MMC cards in your camera. They are small and play a vital role while taking snaps. The other delicate part of your digital camera is camera panel. You need to handle all these delicate components carefully.


Taking care of the batteries also comes under digital camera care. Getting the right kind of battery will enhance the performance of the digital camera. Clean the battery component and remove the batteries while the camera is not in use for long time.


Another important thing is to turn off the camera while you are not using it. The care of a digital camera also depends on how you are storing it. Make sure that you are keeping it away from any kind of magnet. Magnet in any form may affect the circuitry of the digital camera. It is also essential to store your camera against condensation. Put the silica gel capsules in the storage box of your digital camera to prevent condensation. If you are storing your digital camera for a long duration, there could be corrosive leaks from the battery over the time. You can take the batteries out of the camera in such case. Temperature is one important aspect of consideration while storing camera. Keep your camera away from extremely cold or hot temperature.


We prefer to store each and every memory of our holiday trip or any other trip. Photographs are the best way to preserve the memory for a life time. Everyone likes to take the camera so that they can capture every single moment worth remember. A delicate device like digital camera should be taken care of properly while travelling. Take a digital camera case with you in your trips. It is safer and can protect your camera from scratches. Security is the main concern. Remember to insure your digital camera as the chances of robbery increases when you are travelling.

Your digital camera is a real treasure as it costs a lot of money. Taking care is something that you ca not avoid if you want to use it for a years. Apply every single tip you know to take care of your camera and keep its performance intact for ever.

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