Cure Bad Breath & Halitosis

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Odorous breath is in general caused by odor farming bacteria in the oral cavity. These bacteria will be present in large quantities in the wet cover of plaque which coats our teeth. These kind of bacteria are long filamentous kind which mesh together to form a of bacteria. The substance which is produced by this kind of bacteria is a type of sulphur compound which deliver an embarrassing smell. The bacteria can be able to live in great amounts on your tongue and they contribute in a same way to bad breath. The sustained reproduction of bacteria in plaque will be overlaid by some components which can cause bad breath like dental decay, gum disease, throat infection, accumulation of food particles in between the teeth, post nasal drip, sinus infection, stomach infection and eating onions & garlic.

The most substantial home remedy for bad breath is to have a proper and careful cleaning of teeth. You have to clean your teeth at least twice a day. Complete removal of plague on the teeth for two times on each day will assist to decrease the amount of odor causing bacteria. By thorough cleaning they cannot be able to create an embarrassing smell which will be a big nuisance for many people.

The saliva production of body also helps by fighting bacteria in the mouth. To keep your mouth producing saliva you must to drink plenty of water on each day. Taking inlarge amounts of alcohol or having a medical condition will dry out mouth (which allows bacteria to grow and cause bad breath. You should make sure to give special attention while cleaning and brushing your teeth. You shouldn't' miss the areas near base of the teeth that are right next to the gum. The spaces in between the teeth must also be cleaned thoroughly everydayby the use of dental floss.

To give off a nice smelling breath you can chew mint leaves, gargle a small bit of baking soda (1 tsp), you can drink pineapple juice, or eating an apple daily will give you good effect for bad breath.

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