Solar Lights - The Wave Of The Future

by Steve Schafer - Date: 2009-10-18 - Word Count: 518 Share This!

Many of us think "solar lights" and picture the older style lamps that people have in their front yard with wires leading to a solar panel that sticks out like a sore thumb. Actually, solar lighting technology has come a long way since the fist generation solar landscape lights. The solar cells (called photovoltaic cells) have become smaller and more efficient, allowing them to gather more energy from less light. The incorporation of nickel cadmium batteries into the light fixtures allows them to store more energy to be used when they are needed. The introduction of LED bulbs allows them to put out more light while using less energy than other types of bulbs.

As solar technology advanced, manufacturers began experimenting with different styles and uses for solar lights. Solar path lights are now so compact, that you literally need to do nothing more than take the light fixture out of the box and stick it in the ground. The light, solar cells and batteries are in one small unit. Solar accent lights are installed just as easily and come in an array of beautiful designs that will add beauty to your landscaping during the day, as well as illuminate it at night. Solar security lights can simply be mounted on a wall on the outside of your home, without the use of any external wiring. They even come with motion sensors that allow them to turn on when they detect any movement within their range.

Using solar lighting for your home landscaping has many benefits. One big advantage is that they are wireless. Having no wires really makes solar lights simple to install. As long as the location you picked for them has access to adequate sunlight, you are good to go. If not, you can get solar lights that come with an external panel that can be mounted in a nearby, sunny spot. Even then, there is really no wiring - just a single wire from the light to a small panel.

Another advantage is that they are 100% maintenance free. Solar lights are truly "set-and-forget" technology. The batteries and bulbs should last as long as the fixture does. In fact if either of them gives out, the fixtures have become so inexpensive that it makes sense to just replace the light fixture. Just mount the light where you want it and let it do what it does without any worries.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of using solar lights is that they are powered by the sun (renewable energy). Non-renewable energy is getting harder to come by and expensive. The earth has a limited amount of natural resources and we are running out of them. Solar lighting uses up no natural resources and is good for our environment. Since they cost no money to operate, they are great for your wallet as well.

As you can see, there are many benefits to using solar lighting around your home and garden. As the technology continues to grow, solar lights will become more and more efficient and less and less expensive. Save money and do your part for the environment. Switch to solar lights!

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