Asics Gel Kayano 15 Womens Running Shoe- Why It's So Popular Among Female Runners

by Martha Parker - Date: 2010-04-09 - Word Count: 389 Share This!

Women's Asics gel kayano 15 are one of the most popular stability running shoes among female runners (actually they are the most popular running shoe for women on There are a few reasons for that:

-The Asics gel kayano 15 womens running shoe is very comfortable and provides great cushioning (Asics has added more gel in the shoe's heel). Improved cushioning diminishes the pressure on your joints and knees.

- This shoe provides great support. Because it's a stability running shoe it controls the rolling inward of your foot, thus being very good for runners prone to injuries. The great support that the shoe offers diminishes the shock of heel contact as well, allowing you to run without pain for miles. So, this is the perfect shoe for long distance runners.

- The offset lacing. The offset lacing enhances the upper fit comfort and diminishes the irritation that comes from "standard" lacing. After having tried the asymmetrical lacing many runners state there is no turning back!

- The shoe's toe box is comfortably snug and the heel isn't too tight (the latter being often a problem for many). Again because of that your foot doesn't slide to the front of the shoe, jamming your toes.

- The arch support is optimal. The foot pad that comes with the Gel kayanos 15 offers great support to the arch and there is no need for additional running orthotics.

- The Gel kayano 15 is a versatile shoe, that can be worn outside the running course. Many women wear them for walking, fitness or even for work (especially if the work requires a lot of standing).

- The Asics gel kayano 15 look pretty. The shoe has a simple and clean design and comes in three different magnificent colors.

If you decide to buy the Asics gel kayano 15 buy 1/2 size up for maximum comfort. The shoe comes in three different colors.

In November 2009. the 16th version of the Gel Kayanos has been released, so the pricese for the Gel Kayanos 15 have been dropping ever since. Now you can find them at highly discounted prices (starting from $ 55,98), even though certain colors/sizes combinations are sold out. The greatest deals are on the larger sizes (size 12 and up can be found for just $ 55,98), while the greatest selection of available sizes is in the white/ice blue color.

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