The Secret To Attracting Love Online

by Vivian Johnson - Date: 2008-04-20 - Word Count: 345 Share This!

Attracting love anywhere is great! But, there is a secret to attracting love online is. And it all begins with you. You have to create a person that can attract love online and off!

If you are a depressed, sniveling, miserable person, what in the world do you expect to attract? Do you really believe someone has on their personal "must have" list..."they must be a depressed, sniveling, miserable person."? It is highly unlikely!

Make yourself someone you can be content with before trying to "sell yourself" to someone else.

The main secret to attracting love online lies within your profile. Your profile is your representative. It will speak for you or against you!

You want your profile to literally cause people to stop, read, and respond.

If you do not put a photo on the main page of your profile you are cheating yourself out of 50% of the eligible singles. (That is not a good thing!) If there is no picture, most people will "click" and keep going.

Fix yourself up on the inside and it will show on the outside! When that happens your photo will actually beam and stand out from the rest. That is what you want!

Ladies: go to your nearest department store and get make up tips for your skin tone and your age. If you are over 30 please do not use your daughters make up. It was not made for you! If you are wearing more than 2 earrings in each ear, remove them. If you have more than one facial piercing, get rid of them.

Men: If you have facial hair, trim it. Please do not have your moustache hair growing into your mouth. That is very distracting for us! Check the ear and nose hairs...take care of the unibrow if you have one. When it comes to facial piercings, limit is one. Ear rings? Max of 1 in each ear. Preferably only one in total.

The secret to attracting love online comes from within and shows! Do some spring cleaning internally...then get the skills you need to find the one for you!

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