Ninja Games Online: Ninjotic Mayhem

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Ninjotic Mayhem is a free online ninja game that involves fighting with zombies. The game was created by MoFunZone. The hero is the game is a ninja that is clad in a black dress. Your mission is to kill all the zombies in all the different levels of the game.

This online ninja game requires that the players use their ninja fighting techniques to combat the walking zombies. The zombies are fast so you have to move quickly if you want to defeat them. If you are not careful, the zombies will be all over you before you know it. If possible, you should avoid their path and look for alternative routes. Players use the sidekick or katana sword to fight with the zombies. You can use the directional keypad to move the ninja. Players will not be given any chances if they die in the game, the game will be over when the player dies.

Players are required to press the spacebar button to attack the enemy. When you press the spacebar, the hero will throw the shurikens in a forward attack. The shuriken is a star shaped weapon, very particular to ninja fighters. You can carry out different attack methods by using a combination of different keys. If you want to carry out teleportation, you must hold down the down arrow and press the space button. After that, you should press the directional key to move. If you want to perform slide kick, you must press the down and space button while running. Slide kick does not hurt the zombies but it will surprise them.

This free ninja game offers several sword attack modes during game play. The sword slash is performed by pressing the spacebar while in the running mode. You can perform the air sword slash by pressing the up arrow and space button. To carry out the air sword slash, you can press the up arrow and space button.

Another nifty attack mode is the triple shuriken, which is performed by pressing the sideways and space button while standing. You can perform the shuriken air strike by pressing space while in the air. Players can carry out the shuriken air triple strike by pressing the down and space button while in the air.

Self ignition will set your body on fire. To perform self ignition, you must hold down the right and left arrows. After that, you should press the space button. During self ignition, make sure the heat meter to reach to the top.

To start the game, you must press the down arrow and spacebar. When the game starts, it will inform you how many zombies you must kill in order to win. After you have killed all the zombies, a notice will appear on the screen and inform you to press the down arrow and space bar to proceed to the next level. You should press he down arrow and space bar to go to the next level.

During the game, you will face with many zombies. The zombies are green in color and are equipped with weapons such as sword, and a large axe. The character moves very fast in the game. By default, you will start with 4 lives. Each time you kill a zombie, you will be rewarded with points. The score is displayed on the top left corner of the screen. The health bar is represented in red color. The health bar is found on the top right corner of the screen.

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