Gossip Girl Cast: a Glimpse at Taylor Momsen

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Gossip Girl is a phenomenon. Its ratings and endorsement deals are proofs that the show has permanently made itself part of the 21st century teen pop culture. In the midst of all the success, the show has developed and sky-rocketed the careers of some of the freshest faces on television. One of these successful Gossip Girl cast members is Taylor Momsen.

Momsen started out her career in acting at an early age of 3 by appearing in a Shake ‘N Bake commercial. She moved on to doing movies starring as Honey Bee Swain in the movie, The Prophet's Game in 1999. No long after, Taylor caught the attention of known director, Ron Howard. She was cast by Howard in the Oscar awarded film, How the Grinch Stole Christmas in 2002 in which she stars opposite Jim Carrey. In the same year, Taylor starred in a film with Julie Moore in We Were Soldiers. Her acting skills were honed and polished by starring in more movies like Hansel and Gretel and Spy Kids 2.

Her movie credits moved her to television roles exposing her to a wider market. She was cast in the WB series Misconception and received lots of praises from her co-stars. Although the said show wasn't aired, no one could deny that Taylor Momsen was bound to do bigger projects with her talent. In 2007, she went back to doing movies with roles in Underdog, Paranoid Park, and Doubting Thomas in 2007.

Taylor Momsen nailed the part of Jenny Humphrey for her innocent looks and acting potentials at a young age of 14. A very challenging role, Jenny Humphrey had Taylor Momsen completely put to the test. The dynamic character Taylor portrays on screen made her an instant favorite among Gossip Girl cast.

With her undeniable fashion sense, Momsen has become the doll of many high end fashion designers. She has been seen walking the red carpet of big Hollywood events clad in the beautiful dresses that flatter her model-like form. It is inevitable then that Momsen has received an offer to do dabble in modeling. In June 2008, she officially signed in with IMG Models and is under the agency for a one-year modeling contract. She does her modeling stint alongside her

Taylor Momsen, now 15, is already making a huge buzz in Hollywood, not only for her beauty, but for her exceptional acting talent. Way beyond her years, her acting skills have made her take on challenging scenes for the character she's portraying in Gossip Girl. Teen Choice Awards recognized the young actress and got a nomination in the Best Breakout Actress category.

As one of the most watched Gossip Girl cast member, Taylor Momsen will continue to rig in more audience for her amazing portrayal of Jenny Humphrey in the show. Before the eyes of fans, Momsen has blossomed into a budding actress that is sure to fulfill a Hollywood dream.

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