St Thomas Villas For Rent

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Choosing St Thomas villas is a tough decision to make. There is a lot to consider when making this very important vacation decision. One factor to consider is location of the villa. Do you want to be where the action is downtown or in a fun shopping area? Do you want to be on a beach or on a cliff on the water? These are tough decisions to make. Of course they all vary in price depending on the situation.

For beach front St Thomas villas you would be looking at spending the most amount of money. These St Thomas villa rentals will cost you a minimum of $5000 per week and up. Some of these villas rent out for $10,000 per day. That is a lot of money.

The next costly villa rental would be a villa on the water. This type of villa offers beautiful views and awesome sunsets. They usually are a little windy which is great for sleeping at night. It is really a special feeling to be at the side of a cliff and taking in nature.

The next type of St Thomas villas to consider is a villa overlooking the city. These are a nice treat because at night you can see all the lights and during the day you can see the hustle and bustle of St Thomas. Usually they are less money then the beach and waterfront villas but offer a good value. They usually have really nice swimming pools and hot tubs to compensate for the water they do not have.

Finally there are villas that look inward to the middle of the island. These villas are typically very affordable but still nicer than your average hotel room. They range in price from $1500 a week to $5000 a week depending on the amenities.

Then you have to consider the price you want to pay and how many bedrooms you will need. The more bedrooms you will need the more money it will cost you. The beauty of a villa is the overall size you get. There is just so much space in St Thomas villas.

Next you will need to consider amenities. The more amenities you will get the more the villa will cost. If there is a pool and hot tub expect to pay 20 percent more than a villa without those extras. Having computers and broadband internet in your St Thomas villas is a really nice option. That way you can stay connected while you are on vacation.

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