Some Sources Of Ideas For Your Blog Posts

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There are so many sources of ideas that can be used as an article for your blog. But unfortunately maybe these ideas can not appear as good as possible. There may be some ideas that often appears in front of your eyes but you did not realize it. Here, I will discuss some examples that can be used as a source of ideas for your blog posts.

1. Google Trends

Google trends often used as a benchmark to look for some hot topic being discussed, and if we take the topic is not possible that our articles will appear on the first page of search engines.

2. Forum

If you are often active in a forum will be extremely useful to find an idea for your blog posts. In a forum you will find some thread of questions and you'll find the answer, this may be an idea for an article on your blog.

3. Comment on your own blog

Once you have posted an article on your blog, then there is a visitor who asked something to you then you better answer that you create an article and then post them on your blog comment and tell the giver that you have answered the question.

4. Site news

Another source of ideas that can be used as an article is a news site. Search is a news site associated with your blog. Find a topic appropriate to your blog and make an article to your blog.

5. Article Directory

Warehouse article is a storehouse of information and knowledge. Try to search for article directories and there you can find some articles that were displayed on the main page, you can find some articles that might be associated with your blog and of course you can make an article on your blog.

Hopefully the above tips can help you.

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