Sediment Water Filters - Tips on What Else You Need to Purify Water

by Juanita Ruby - Date: 2008-11-23 - Word Count: 505 Share This!

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Sediment water filters will protect your water appliances from dirt, sand, sediment and silt. This is important to protect your water softener, water purification unit, and the valves and controls on your water pump if you have a well and need to pump your water to your home.

Testing your water will tell you if you need a sediment water filter. If there is not sand, dirt, silt and sediment in your water then your water company probably has a reverse osmosis system that has already removed these substances from your water.

Sediment water filters are commonly used with well water, because of the harm the particles of sediment will do to the water pump causing costly repairs or replacement. Along with systems that remove sediment all houses need a water purification unit. Just removing the dirt, sand and silt won't make your water fit for drinking.

If you have well water you also need to use something to kill the bacteria in the water. A common element to use is chlorine. But there are other ways to remove the bacteria, one being ultraviolet light.

Since chlorine is the most common, you need to know that chlorine has been found to be a cancer-causing agent. It is also drying to the skin, hair and an eye irritant, so when using chlorine, you need to remove it from your water after it has done the job of killing bacteria.

The best way to remove the chlorine is purchasing a home water purification unit. There are many on the market. Besides removing the chlorine you want one with filters that will remove the other dangerous chemicals found in water today.

There are numerous harmful elements that can be in water: pesticides, weed killers, petroleum products, arsenic, lead, and pharmaceutical drugs, just to name a few. Do your research carefully and look for a manufacture that will find a way to remove all these dangerous substances.

The filters you are looking for will be multi stage to remove various contaminates at a different stage. You cannot remove all dangerous substances with just a one-stage filter. You need different types of filters to remove different elements that will harm your health.

Look for a granular carbon filter, along with a sub micron and multi block filter that also utilizes ion exchange, and you will have the best water purification system on the market today. Every household should invest in one to keep the family safe from the dangers lurking in our water.

Don't wait until your family or yourself gets ill from your drinking water. Get a system today. If you need a sediment water filter get one, but be sure to add a water purification unit for safe healthy water. You can find them online for under $100 that will provide you with delicious healthy water.

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Juanita Ruby is passionate about health. She knows our bodies contain more than 70% water, thus the quality of our water greatly affects our health. She uses a water filtration system to purify her water. Visit her website at to discover which water purification system she trusts for her health.

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