Clingy Girlfriends

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One of the biggest, and most common complaint men have with girlfriends are having one that is too clingy. Sometimes, men just want to be left alone, or spend time with his male friends. Certain girls do not understand this, and want to spend every waking moment with their men.

Possible Reasons of Women?s Clinginess:

This problem is mostly common among relationships of younger couples. The clinginess of these women can be contributed to a combination of insecurity and being immature. Some women fear that they might lose their boyfriend at anytime. This is the reason why they are so possessive. They feel that if the do not keep an eye on the man at all times they might find another woman and replace her. These women require constant attention and acts of affection from their men in order to make them feel adequate. The ironic thing is that their actions to keep their men will be the actions that will drive their boyfriends away.

Even though it is possible, it is highly unlikely that these types of relationships occur in older more mature couples. Older women generally have better self esteem, and do not require as much attention from their boyfriends.


The most drastic step to dealing with a clingy girlfriend is to outright break up with them. However, this may not be an option if you really like your girlfriend, and this is the only trait you dislike about her. The best way for you to deal with this type of a relationship is to tell her how you feel. Open communication is the key to making yourself, as well as the girl happy. You need to tell her that her clinginess is not acceptable, and that you need time away from her once in a while. You will also need to assure her that she does not need to feel so insecure about your relationship.

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