The Top Five Business Gifts Companies Give

by Gareth Parkin - Date: 2007-05-23 - Word Count: 491 Share This!

When it comes to marketing and promotions, business gifts companies know what works and what sells. From inexpensive handouts at trade fairs and events, to the top executive gifts and incentives, here are the top five business gifts as defined by some of the most well known business gifts companies in the industry.


A full 45% of companies say that they send out a business calendar to their customers each year. It's an oldie but goodie in the promotional items field. A calendar is useful throughout the year, and it keeps your business name in front of your customer 365 days out of 365 days.

Just because it's traditional, though, doesn't mean it should be boring. There's a wide range of calendar styles available, from basic wall calendars to calendar pads for desktops to easel calendars. Choose one that is distinctive and interesting, and you can be sure that it will be used.

Company Branded Items

Giving a holiday gift that has your company's logo on it may be seen as self-serving, so choosing logo-branded items can be a fine line. If you choose to give gifts with your company's logo or brand name on it, it's important to make it something personal and unique. Experts in gift giving say that it's important to separate gift giving from marketing, and nothing shows lack of care quite so much as sending out coffee mugs with your business imprint on it - unless you take the time to make it personal. Include a packet of favorite teas or an assortment of gourmet coffee and biscuits, and the mug becomes an addition to the gift rather than the main gift itself. And the addition will sit on a desk long past the original gift is consumed and forgotten.

Desk Items

Many companies give items designed to sit on the desktop as gifts for thank yous and holidays. Some of these make especially nice gifts for employees. A sleek, elegant business card holder discreetly engraved with your company logo is a tasteful gift that will find a place on the desktop of your employees.


If you're considering giving wine as a corporate holiday gift, then you're in good company. About 7% of small business owners say that they've given bottles of wine as a holiday gift to associates. You can make an extra splash with a gift of wine when you order a case of a special vintage labeled with your own company label and holiday wishes.

Small Electronics and Office Gifts

Among the most popular gifts as thank you, holiday and incentive bonuses are small electronics promotional items. They range from calculators that bear the company logo to small USB flash drives. Company branded radios, cameras and other electronic gadgets carry a high perceived value, and can be extremely cost effective when you order them in bulk.

No matter what type of gift you're looking for, you'll find a wide range of business gift ideas at Ideasbynet one of the UK's leading business gifts companies.

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