How to Fade Stretch Marks Once and for All!

by Lauren Smyth - Date: 2008-10-28 - Word Count: 368 Share This!

If you have stretch marks I know how embarrassed and depressed you may be about your body and its scars. They say prevention is better than cure for most things but most of us want to know how to fade stretch marks since we already have them.

Firstly, no one is immune to getting stretch marks. Many people assume overweight people are the only ones that get them. The truth is they are not alone, many different groups of people are seeking how to fade stretch marks. Girls and women, men and young adults all get stretch marks for a variety of reasons like rapid weight gain, rapid weight loss, pregnancy, hormonal reasons, medications, the list is extensive. Even athletes, body builders and those that you see as healthy and fit get stretch marks - how's that for making you feel a bit better?

Many people are desperate and when the next 'miracle cure' on how to fade stretch marks enters the market they pounce on it. Time and time again they are left disappointed and sometimes less self-confident as their hopes of finding a cure fades.

The problem most people have is that they don't give a treatment long enough to work. I know I was guilty of this! If I didn't see an instant improvement I'd write it off as a scam and move on to the next cream or oil. It takes time for the product to work on your scars so persistance is key.

And make sure you follow all the instructions, if it says apply in circle motions or massage for 5 minutes then do it!

In addition to a good skin care product there are other factors that you should target at the same time. The best results will come from a full plan to target all factors contributing to the cause. This includes diet, exercise and other changes that can help fade your stretch marks.

I didn't realize the impact stretch marks had on my life until I improved them and saw what a different person I was. It's such a drastic transformation, when you feel self confident you feel much happier generally - and people notice this and like being around you.

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