Tips for Choosing Functional Custom Bathroom Cabinets That Look Great

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Whether you are remodeling the home you are currently living in or building a new home in Wisconsin, cabinet designs need to balance a luxurious look with functionality. The commode, bathtub, sink, and the bathroom cabinets all need to fit in together while still allowing for storage and comfort. In the end, it all comes down to the style of the custom cabinets you select.

The Size of the Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets need to be large enough to hold all of the necessities, but still leaves enough room for you to move around. The first step is the placement of the custom cabinets in the bathroom design. It needs to be far enough away from the other components in the bathroom to allow you to stand in front with the doors fully open.

In the fight to make the most of small spaces, many people are choosing cabinets that are taller and narrower. Many of the new designs are only wide enough to hold a set of small cupboards and a basin on the top. For many apartments and smaller homes in Wisconsin, cabinet designs that fit into a corner are becoming popular. If you find you need additional storage, opt for shelving and sea grass baskets or cabinets that fit over the toilet.

Styles for Custom Cabinets

The style of bathroom cabinets you choose needs to suit your bathroom design as well as your family. Highly ornate cabinets look fantastic, but they may not be the best choice for a family with young children who often leave toothpaste and water stains in the tiny little creases and folds. Instead, choose doors with simple, clean lines.

Keep the type of finish in mind as well. Laminate, stainless steel, or wooden slabs with a decorative inlay look great while still being easy to clean. If you do choose more decorative cabinetry, consider finishes such as clear lacquer that wipe off easily. You can even have them triple coated to increase their durability.

Materials Used in Bathroom Cabinets

In Wisconsin, cabinet designs for smaller spaces are including unique and interesting styles to make their space look larger and function to max capacity. Some designs make cabinets from glass and add mirrored or wooden cabinet doors to conceal the items stored on the shelves. Decorative wood frames surrounding etched mirrors give your bathroom the best of both worlds.

Whether you live in a downtown New York apartment or a quiet town in Wisconsin, cabinet designs can add a personal touch to your home and incorporate the needs of your family. In a large space, this could include a vast set of ornate bathroom cabinets or a corner unit with a glass basin for a small apartment. The careful planning of your custom cabinets will soon make the bathroom your favorite room in the house.

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