The Only Proven Cancer Cure - Says The Thousands Of People Cured By It

by KyleB - Date: 2008-11-01 - Word Count: 251 Share This!

The best Cancer prostate treatment or best general cancer treatment in my opinion and in the opinion of the thousands who've been cured from supposedly incurable diseases, is the Gerson therapy.

This falls under alternative medicine and does not involve radiation, chemotherapy, surgery and other destructive modes of treatment.

Thousands have been miraculously cured and do consider this is the best Cancer prostate treatment or even best general cancer treatment ever! By following the strict diet guidelines of the Gerson therapy protocol, you can expect to see results!

The earlier you get on board? The better your survival rates are going to be! This method has been founded and tested on thousands since the 1920s however due to dirty politics and the drug-cartel, the knowledge has been repressed...even until now. If you want to know if this really works I would advice you investigate and research the well documented recoveries of thousands of people who have successfully defeated their supposedly untreatable diseases using the Gerson therapy method, even against the odds!(Go to and the case study section)

It is unfortunate that thousands upon thousands of people unnecessarily have to die every year simply because they are not open minded enough to the truth that is staring them in the face. Thousands who have recovered cannot all be lying! Well documented cases with biopsies and complete proof of miraculous recovery happening daily is all you need to prove to yourself that this is the best, maybe the ONLY cancer treatment that can cure you..

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