Nokia 6288 - From Good to Better

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Keep Nokia 6280 and Nokia 6288 alongside and try to find a difference. Chances are, you would not really find one. The dimension, display, weight, camera specs, capacity of internal memory and application, all remain identical in both the model. So, where does the difference lie? Nokia 6288 is primarily a firmware upgrade, with few minor changes. They being - altered keypad spacing, a glossy finish, and addition of a larger miniSD card. Nothing really new to excite the onlookers.Just like its predecessor, Nokia 6288 is very sedate and refine. The phone comes as a squarish slider measuring 100mm by 46mm by 21mm and weighing 115 grams. A 320 x 240 pixel screen dominates the top part of the Nokia 6288, while a large navigation key snuggles below. A tiny VGA camera is hidden in the top left hand corner. The second camera is located at the glossy finish back of the Nokia 6288. The camera comes complete with a flash and a teeny fish-eye mirror. Further, a dedicated camera shortcut key on the side of the phone enables the photographer to hold Nokia 6288 horizontally like a a bona fide digicam.

Nokia 6288 has really focussed its efforts on its video capabilities. In addition to video calling, the Nokia 6288 also supports advance video sharing application. This means, you can capture the surrounding with the Nokia 6288's camera, transmit this video with someone you are over the phone with, and the end the session of video sharing, without having the need to hang up. Moreover, it also has video ringtones, and the ability to chuck in a miniSD card of up to 2GB capacity.The fact that there is nothing too flamboyant about the Nokia 6288, suggests that the phone has been made keeping the professional man in mind. Thus, to suit the corporate life, Nokia 6288 comes with 3G data transfer speed, tri-band connectivity, IMAP, POP3 and support for SMTP e-mail.

The Nokia 6288 is a good comprise between business and entertainment. It falls somewhat Nokia's Blackberry-esque E series and its multimedia-focused N models. Seems like the makers of Nokia 6288 have really given and hard though over the complains of Nokia 6280 owners, to come up with a real refined firmware upgrade.

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