Signs of Anorexia

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All types of media information advices the population more and more often to eat healthy and exercise daily to avoid obesity and other nutritional issues. Still, the message seems to be misunderstood as many persons, especially young girls become obsessed with loosing weight and counting calories; this is the negative part of the media tendencies and leads to the apparition of many eating disorders and dangerous physical and emotional consequences.

The most common and vital symptom of anorexia seems to be the irrational and uncontrolled fear of weight gain and body fat. This is however associated also with the will to become thinner and thinner even while loosing normal weight and becoming underweight.

Patients suffering from anorexia deny their problems and refuse to see the danger they expose their body to. These persons are usually very preoccupied with calories, fat grams and weight and become often angry and irascible when help is offered. The constant denial of having a major eating disorder turns into a difficult disease and also leads to a separation of the person from the society that is willing to help.

Warning signs of Anorexia seem sometimes very hard to observe as patients do their best to hide and deny any symptom or sign of their condition. They make huge efforts to avoid their family and friends to observe something is wrong as they are certain they are very fat, must loose weight and no one can help.

Anorexia patients refuse to keep at least a minimal accepted weight for their own age and height and become dramatically thinner every day; this is associated with a poor self image and low self respect. They seem to find excuses every time for skipping meals, eat very few foods only with little calories, weigh frequently and are attentive to the smallest weight change. The tendency of wearing large clothes is due to the need of hiding their body, excessive obsessive training program occupies a lot of time in their lives. Time is also controlled by the need of looking carefully into the mirror, looking for flaws.

Anorexia sufferers find excuses for skipping gatherings implying food and continuously complain about how fat they are. The most dramatic physical signs of the condition are low sexual appetite in men and irregular menstrual periods in women.

The two basic types of anorexia are:
1. Classic restrictive Anorexia involves very little calorie intake and excessive rapid weight loss. The food income is mostly insufficient to maintain normal vital functions.
2. Purging Anorexia works through self induced vomiting and excessive use of laxatives. This is called bulimic anorexia and associate low food intake with the need of purging after meals. Most patients with anorexia develop symptoms of additional bulimia.

For more information about anorexia or even about girls with anorexia please click this link

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For more information about anorexia or even about girls with anorexia please click this link

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