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Eyelash and eyebrow tinting are in great demand in the present time. These are quick and easy services to offer. The eyelash and eyebrow tinting attract and concern many people. The salons are constantly asked the questions like how long does it take to do? How long does it last for? What colors are there? Is it safe? To date it is not believed to cause any harm to the delicate eye area. FDA has issued stern warning for the use of the dyes and their application in the eye area. Tinting must be carried out with extreme caution.

You are required to take a patch test 24 to 48 hours before tinting treatment. This is just to ensure that you have no adverse reaction to the products being used. It is not advisable to carry out these treatments, if your patch test is not suitable. It is further advisable to undertake the patch test, whenever you go to a new salon, or use another dye for the treatment. This could result in disaster.

If ladies come into the salon for an eyelash tint and have an eye infection, or a sore/irritated eye area etc., it is advisable for them to wait till the eye problem is properly cured and healed, otherwise they may face severe eye problems. Contact lenses must be removed before having any eye care treatment to ensure safety of the eyes. To bathe the eye area with water and dampened cotton wool to ensure all traces of tint are removed from an eyelash tint is an excellent idea, it gives a very soothing effect to the eyes.

In the beginning, tinting looks fantastic but gradually fades out with passing time. The eyelash hairs usually have a life span of nearly 4 weeks. As the tinted lash falls out, another eyelash grows in its place obviously with natural color, and continues the hair growth cycle. For this very reason the eyelash tint lasts about 3 to 4 weeks. The eyebrow tinting lasts only for 2 weeks as we continuously cleanse and exfoliate our face, washing it away over time.

Mature and ladies having fair complexion should opt for the brown color tint for eyelashes, a small amount of black may be added to deepen the effect of the color if required. Blue black is actually very noticeable on mature grey hair and ladies having fair complexion. Blue black is actually a very noticeable eyelash tint. Gray and light browns are also available for ladies with gray hair and light skin coloring. Never be hesitant to ask your therapist about the various colors available. Tinting is a very personal matter and only freshly prepared tint should be applied, because after 15 minutes the tint will no longer continue to work as it has an additive in it, which stops the chemical reaction after 15 minutes. It is advisable to ask for freshly prepared tint every time.

The skin around the eye area is very thin, delicate and often very sensitive. Please bear this in mind as we only have one pair of eyes therefore whatever treatment you want to undertake for your eyes think twice before proceeding further. One wrong step may cause severe and irreparable damage to your eyes.

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