The Coolest Attendant Gifts for Every Member of Your Entourage

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Let us face it - a wedding is not a wedding without the important people in our lives to help prepare and celebrate it with. This is why thank you is in order for you to truly show them how much you appreciate their help and their presence in your very important day. But not all thank you gifts are generic, boring store-bought items or tokens. With a little bit of time and effort, you can come up with a gift that is unique, creative, and truly straight from the heart!

Giving attendant gifts is easy if you know the people whom you are thanking. You have a long list - sponsors, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls and ring bearers… and the list goes on. Not to fret, though! The trick is to think of something nice and easily appreciated by specific groups of people who belong to your wedding party. For example, your sponsors will most likely appreciate a lovely chocolate loaf or a box of delicious cupcakes. The personalized touch, however, is when you decorate it with icing and squirt out a personalized "Thank you" on each piece. Bridesmaids will love anything that has to do with prettifying themselves up. Arrange a set of miniature nail polish and peel off the sticker label. Then, go art crazy with permanent marker of glitter glue and draw a thank you label on it.

As for them fine, strapping gentlemen, they will appreciate attendant gifts of canned coffee and mugs. To make it a whole lot more thoughtful, put the coffee grind inside the mugs themselves. Then style out the mugs according to each groomsman's taste. Adorable little flower girls deserve a treat that is as sweet as they are. Put together an assortment of colored candies in an attractive basket and with your crafting skills, adorn it with ribbons, lace and cloth flowers. Not only will they have a delicious sweet treat, they also have a pretty basket to put all their knick-knacks in! For the little boys, tickle their inventor and builder's bone by gifting them with build it yourself kits. These toy sets not only provide them with hours and hours of fun, but also serves to improve their crafting and building abilities. For that extra touch, scribble in a thank you message on tiny and interconnected parts of the toy that go together when the figure is fully assembled. They can read out the message afterwards!

Giving attendant gifts are easy when you can turn a simple item into something extra special and lovingly personalized!

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