Kids Just Want to Have Fun on Their Atvs

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Kids just want to have fun on their ATVs

ATV riding can be really fun and unfortunately, dangerous too, if precautionary steps are not taken to ensure that you have a safe ride - especially for kids. As adults, we know and are able to sense danger and yes, we even have the ability to avoid them (most of the time!) - but are you confident that your kids are able to do the same? The answer, to be brutally honest is, no, they can't. They may be able to detect "danger" around them from time to time but when they are having too much fun, their ability to sense "danger" seem to turn off automatically.

The following are some scenes that you may have witnessed before :-

1. Two boys, probably no more than 7 years old, riding and bouncing on an adult ATV around a farmyard. 7-year old boys are definitely not strong or big enough to be riding on an adult ATV - one sure wonders how they were able to manage that machine.

2. Three girls, with the oldest probably about 14 years of age, riding on a quad on a paved road, totally oblivious to the traffic around them. Doesn't it make you sick to the stomach if they met with an accident?

3. Two boys probably in the ages of 10 or less, hanging on to the ATV utility carrier along the highway - and mind you, going at high speed too!

In some cases, kids who were riding on their ATVs were spotted doing so without their helmets too. Doesn't it make you wonder what were the parents of the kids thinking when they allowed their children to go out to play unsupervised or when the parents allow their kids to ride on ATVs that were designed for adult riders?

Sure, all kids want to have fun with their ATVs - who wouldn't? But we would like to remind you that fun could lead to danger, and in some cases, death too, if precautions are not taken. Here are some safety measures to take when your kids wants to go ATV riding :-

a. Never let a kid under 16 years of age ride an adult ATV. There are specially designed youth ATVs for young riders. One of such dealers is Jackel Motorsports. They have great designs for youth ATVs - even a pink one for the girls!
b. Always make sure that the ATV rider is wearing his or her helmet. Do not let them ride on their ATVs if they are not wearing their helmet. Wearing your protective helmet when riding on an ATV could really save your "head" in the event of an accident.
c. ATVs are built for off road riding - so don't try to be adventurous and ride it on paved roads. It is a huge and costly mistake that you will ever make.
d. Most ATVs are designed for one rider - that means, you do not carry any passengers at all. This is a big no-no for ATV riding.
e. Take lessons on safety riding for ATVs. It doesn't hurt to learn more about the safety issues of riding an ATV. Sign up your kids (or even yourself!) for a hands-on safety course - you will not regret it.

Our children are precious gifts - sure, they should have fun and all, but bear in mind, their safety and protection should always be priority, even in the name of fun. Once you are able to drill the safety measures into your kids' minds, you can have a peace of mind knowing that when they next ride on their ATVs and are having fun, they will not neglect to be careful and take all the necessary steps to ensure their own safety.

Here are some great fun ideas on ATV riding :-

a. Riding around the backyard - this is one great way to keep an eye on your kid while he's riding around the backyard - especially for beginners. Kids simply love being able to ride a machine and feel the wind in their faces.
b. A trail in the woods - let your kids explore the wilderness in the woods with their ATVs and learn to appreciate Mother Nature too. If you think that just riding in the woods isn't good enough for you and the kids, try camping in the woods - a family camping trip to the woods with ATVs is a fantastic way of family bonding. Not only will your kids be able to enjoy their rides on their ATVs, they also get to explore and enjoy the beauty of nature. It's fun to be out in the sun during the day and sleep under the stars and moon in the night once a while.
c. Go ATV riding with your kids. Even though it's fun for them when they are riding on their own, but it is more fun when parents ride together with their children. It gives a sense "belonging" and "bonding" between parents and children. Who knows, you may even be able to pick up a trick or two about ATV riding from your kids!

For more ideas of having ATV fun, check out or if you want to check out more ATV models for youths, you could also try And remember, have fun riding with safety in mind too!

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