Hr Degrees That Fit Your Career Goals

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Figuring out which HR degree is right for you begins with clarifying your career goals within the field of human resources. First, you will need to decide what your long term goals are. Do you want to eventually get into HR management or do you want to be able to get into a traditional management role as well? Are you interested in employee relations, benefits, or recruiting? These are questions you should ask yourself before diving into an HR degree. I will go over some of the most common educational paths in human resources and explain how they will provide a foundation for entry level and eventually promotional opportunities in human resources.

Associate Degree in Human Resources

Many colleges don't actually offer an associates degree in human resources. Instead, they offer an associates degree with a recommended set of elective courses designed to prepare you for human resource roles. With an associates degree, you will be able to obtain jobs in administrative or support positions within a company. Jobs such as benefits support are a common entry point into human resources roles.

Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources

Many schools are now offering a bachelor's degree in business administration or management with a human resource concentration option. A bachelor's degree in human resources will prepare you for roles such as employee relations specialist, HR generalist, or recruiter. A bachelor's degree in HR is a great way to set the foundation for further study if you are seeking roles in human resource management.

HR Masters Degree & HR MBA

At the masters level, there are programs specifically tailored for the human resource professional where you will learn about advanced topics such as collective bargaining, compensation models, psychology of employee motivation, and organizational change. The masters degree is the recommended level of study for those seeking HR management roles. An HR MBA is a more versatile degree because it provides a more broad education in the general fundamentals of business as well as human resources. This is a good option for someone who may want to switch to a general business management role at some point.

It is important to remember that many people begin with an associates or bachelors degree and then pursue higher levels of education via online programs while simultaneously gaining valuable on the job experience. Hopefully, you are now one step closer to effectively planning an educational program and the right HR degree for you.

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