Subprime Auto Loans - Auto Loans For People With Lower Credit Ratings

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Prime loans are available for people who have outstanding credit scores. If you have a credit score of 700 and above, you can easily go for the prime loans. Prime loans offer you the bonus of lesser interest rates. But then, people who somehow got bad or poor credit ratings, or got no credit ratings, financing their dreams became a problem. And then the financial sector boom of 80s ushered in new hope when many financial institutions started offering subprime auto loans: loans for people with bad or no credit score.

While the prime loans carry lower interest rates, subprime loans carry much higher rate of interest. A person having a credit score below 650 can go for subprime loans instead of prime loans. He may or may not place collateral for availing this facility.

With so many money lenders offering loans on the internet, there is a tough competition among them. The financial boom gave them even more courage to offer subprime auto loans. You can apply for the loan if you have a continuous income. And you should be above 18 years of age to apply for the loan.

Subprime loans are much faster and easy to obtain. The paperwork is almost none. You have to submit is a proof of employment, proof of age, and the latest statement from your checking account. There is no credit check and no demand for any kind of collateral or surety.

Once your loan is sanctioned, you have to provide for the instalments by way of post dated checks. The checks' amount for a particular repayment scheme will be the same. In short, the interest is flatly applied over the repayment time period.

Most money lenders who offer subprime auto loans also apply prepayment charge. If you are willing to pay off the loan before the end of the loan tenure, they charge some extra per cent of the balance loan amount. You have to check the prepayment charges prior to applying for the loan.

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