Quit Smoking - 10 Tips To Help You Give It Up Now

by Sacha Tarkovsky - Date: 2007-01-07 - Word Count: 593 Share This!

To quit smoking you need to overcome both physical and psychological addiction and it's not as hard to give up as many people think it is.

Here are 10 tips to quit smoking that will help you stop smoking for good.

1. Get the right mindset

If you really want to give up you have to get the right mindset to succeed.

Firstly, write down all the benefits you will derive from giving up, from saving money to being full of health and vitality.

2. Spend a week preparing yourself

When you smoke consider think what its doing to you and how it makes you feel with blocked nose, sluggish health etc and visualise the new you without it.

In this week you can cut down in preparation.

The fact that you can cut down (and most people can) gives you confidence for the day when you quit.

3. When you stop if you cant do it don't beat yourself up about it

Many people who stop relapse first time. Don't consider you have failed simply try again, we very often can't achieve things first time round so there is no shame in trying again.

4. Prepare for the day by making several changes

Fill your day to keep your mind of smoking.

Take up a new hobby and get some exercise to accelerate the feeling of wellbeing and each week treat yourself to something with the money you have saved.

5. Don't take herbal remedies hypnosis or acupuncture

There is no proven medical evidence they work. If you have the mental willpower you don't need them, You only need help with the physical addiction and the above will not help at all you need something else…

6. Use NRT

Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) gives you a dose of nicotine outside of cigarette smoking and although nicotine provides the physical addiction, it is not harmful when removed from cigarettes.

It's a proven fact that NRT increases chances of quitting by up to double, when you don't have to cope with nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

There are many products available including: Gum, patches puffers and inhalers.

7. Nicotine Change your view of it

Keep in mind there is nothing wrong with taking nicotine in organic form ( it's actually part of the food chain ) In fact nicotine in organic form is actually good for you and its proven to improve mood memory and attention.

8. It only lasts for a month

The physical withdrawal symptoms (if you decide not to use NRT) are toughest in the first week or so but the craving to smoke should be gone within a month.

It then simply becomes a mental battle.

9. You were not born a smoker!

This point is very important - You decided to smoke you were not born a smoker and you lived without it before and you can live without it again.

Smokers view cigarettes like a friend who comforts them, but just as you get rid of friends throughout your life, you can get rid of cigarettes.

10. Tell everyone that your giving up

This will give you an extra incentive to stop and also tell them not to tempt you (if they are smokers) and in the first week stay away from friends who smoke, or areas like pubs and restaurants where you may be tempted to smoke.

In the early stages it's important to remove temptations.

If you want to give up smoking the above 10 tips will help and if you are serious about giving up you will.

One final point: Don't be afraid to seek help with the physical addiction side, if you don't feel you have the willpower and try alternative nicotine sources, it makes giving up easier for most people.

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