Silicon Solar Inc Offers SHURflo Pumps for Large Applications

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Silicon Solar Inc, a world leader in innovative solar technologies has just launched a line or large job solar energy pumps. There are several pumps, accessories, and pump kits to choose from, with a pump available for almost every job and within every budget.

These pumps are a major step up for Silicon Solar Inc, whose traditional solar energy pump line was intended for use in small fountains and water features. But this new line of pumps is able to be used for larger jobs, such as well pumping, truck and tractor fluid changing, livestock watering, irrigation, large pond aeration, and other remote, large scale pumping jobs. And, because they operate on solar power, these pumps will save you money from costly electricity bills for your pumping needs.

Bill K, owner of a resort location ordered a couple of the SHURflo pumps from Silicon Solar when they first came out, and says "The pumps that we got were great. We have a couple of large pool fountains at the front of our locations, and we wanted way to power them while keeping our costs lower, and still helping the environment. These pumps exceeded our expectations on both fronts."

To make the sizing and purchasing of a solar pump system from Silicon Solar even easier, the company has packaged these great new pumps with their high-end solar panels to offer complete pumping packages for any pumping job, large or small. And, because Silicon Solar offers their panels at such great prices, these pumping packages are more affordable than anywhere else.

Tom G, a farmer from Nebraska, purchased a remote well pumping kit from Silicon Solar and installed it himself. He says "The entire kit cost me just over $1,000, and I was able to install it myself. I get better water flow from my well than I have had in years, and the electric meter already shows a decrease in the amount of energy I am using to get water to the house. This was surely one of the best investments I have made in many years."

If you would like more information on Silicon Solar's new line of pumps, pump kits, and accessories, please visit their website ( or give them a call at 800.653.8540.

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