Ebay Ebook Success: How to Create Your Own Resellable Ebook

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Creating and distributing your own resellable ebook is one of the best promotional methods available to you. If distributed effectively, one resellable ebook can provide you with hundreds of additional customers via links within the ebook (see my previous article for more information on this). However, before a resellable ebook can start generating customers for you, you first need to create it. Now this is not as expensive or daunting as you may think. Follow the simple steps outlined in this article and you will be well on your way to creating your very own resellable ebook:

1) Come up with an Idea:- First you need to come up with an idea for your resellable ebook. This is by far the hardest part of the process. However, it still doesn't have to be that difficult or time consuming. Your ebook can be on absolutely anything but it makes sense to write on a subject you have some knowledge in. If you run a newsletter on any particular subject, how about using some of those newsletter articles to compile a report or ebook? If not what about your hobbies or your daytime job? Perhaps your job utilises some unique skills which other people would like to know about? Maybe you enjoy baking and have some unique recipes to share with others? There's very likely to be something that you do which can be written down and compiled into a resellable ebook.

If not the next option for you is a list. These are relatively easy to compile and can prove very popular. For example, two of the resellable ebooks I have created; The Ebook Cavern's UK Dropshippers Guide and The Ebook Cavern's UK Wholesalers Guide are lists. The possibilities with lists are practically endless. You could create a list of websites that provide free website design software? Perhaps you could create a list of betting sites that offer free bonuses for new customers? Maybe you could compile a large directory of recipe sites? Whatever the topic, with a little research you can create a list for free which can then be turned into a resellable ebook.

After reading the above two paragraphs you should have plenty of ideas for your own resellable ebook. If not there is one more option available to you, although it won't be free. That option is ebooks with Private Label Rights (PLR). PLR ebooks are basically ebooks where you are given full rights to the content. You can put your name on it, edit it, sell it give it away, use it as website content etc. Pretty much once you buy PLR ebooks you have the same rights to the content as you would have with content that you have written yourself. Now I'm not going to go into the advantages and disadvantages of PLR content because I haven't actually used it myself and it's a topic that deserves its own article. I would recommend you write your own content, but if not, PLR content is a good second best.

So where can you find PLR ebooks? Well, to be honest there are lots of places. I can't recommend any personally because like I said I haven't yet used PLR ebooks. However, a quick Google search for "Private Label Ebooks" will bring up plenty of results. If you do opt for PLR ebooks I would recommend you do enough editing so that the content seems unique to you because other people will also have this PLR content too.

2) Add some Links:- Once you have the content for your ebook you need to think about the links to include so that you can fully benefit from your resellable ebooks. As I explained in my previous article your own resellable ebook can be used to promote your eBay store, sell your own product or affiliate products, and generate leads for a mailing list. Therefore, you need to think which links would best be suited to this purpose.

I usually get my links in the ebook by inserting an About the Author page. On this page I have brief description of my eBay store, websites and newsletter with links to each of them. With affiliate links I only add them if they are relevant to what I am writing. For example, since I write a lot about eBay in my ebooks I use eBay affiliate links. I don't just throw affiliate links in for the sake of it and neither should you. I only use affiliate links to recommend relevant products and services that I have used myself and honestly feel are value for money.

3) Create a Cover Image:- Now that you have the content and know what links you are going to include, the only other thing you require is an ebook cover image. This again is not nearly as difficult as you may think it would be. Plus it can be done for free. Obviously, this cover image will not look as good as professionally designed graphics (unless you are a graphic designer), but it will keep your costs down to zero.

First you will need some free images that can be used commercially. If they don't state that you can use them commercially then they can't be used for your ebook cover. The only website I've found that offers this is http://www.ace-clipart.com/, but if you use their images you do need to provide a link back to their website. Once you have found a graphic that you like then open it up in a graphics editor (Paint will do for this) and add your title text. You now have a flat version of your ebook cover image.

Next you will need some software to convert this image into an actual ebook cover which you can get for free by doing a quick Google search. Using this software you can then select a variety of templates for your ebook cover. When you have found one you are happy with simply click the create button and your ebook cover will be created for you. Then save this image and you have your very own ebook cover.

Personally, I feel that it is worth the additional money to have someone create your graphics for you. I originally did create my own ebook covers but the end product just doesn't look as professional as if you have a graphic designer work on the graphics for you. I recently had some graphics designed for me by Jack at http://www.neocovers.net/ and was very impressed with them. As a result I am currently in the process of having him do all my graphics for me. I feel spending a bit of cash on your getting your ebook covers professionally designed, enhances the overall perception of your product, your business, and therefore holds value in the long-term. However, if you are short on cash then use the free method until you have enough funds to get some graphics designed professionally.

4) Compile the Ebook:- So now you should have your content, know what links you are going to have inside your ebook, and have your ebook cover image created. All you need to do now is compile this information into a readable ebook. To begin open your word processor and get ready to type. The first page I include is a title page which contains the things on the list below:

The ebook title:- The first thing I include on the page is the ebook's title in large text.

The ebook cover image:- Under the title I include a large flat ebook cover image which you should already have.

The author's name:- Under the image I write a message like "brought to you by Tom Parker (Owner and Creator of The Ebook Cavern)."

A resell rights notice:- Under the author's name I include in large bold text "This ebook comes with Full Resell Rights and Full Giveaway Rights. You can resell this ebook for any price you wish or give it away to your customers." This is to maximise the distribution of my resellable ebooks. Remember the more eyes that read it, the better for you.

An offer to join my newsletter:- As I have said before you should be building your own mailing list. This is one of the many ways I try to do this.

After the title page I then include a Disclaimer. This is just a statement that basically says you (the author) are not responsible for any losses incurred by the reader, there are no guarantees of income, and that the reader is responsible for the use of the information in your ebook. Many ebooks contain Disclaimers. Just have a read of a few of them to get an idea of what you need to include in your own.

Following this I include a Table of Contents. This is a very good way to organise your content, because it makes you put your information into relevant, logical sections. For an ebook, your Table of Contents should organise the information into a logical order that reads well. Think what would go well at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end. For a list, I usually organise the links into alphabetical chapters e.g. for a recipes ebook it could go something like Apple Recipes, Bread Recipes, Cake Recipes etc. With PLR ebooks the information is likely to have been organised into some kind of order for you. You might want to keep this order or you may want to switch it around a bit.

After you have written your Table of Contents, organise your actual ebook content in this order. Once you have done this your ebook is ready to be published. Now there are two main formats used when publishing your ebooks; Executable (.exe) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf). If you want to publish in .exe format then you can get many free ebook creators by doing a quick Google search for a "Free executable ebook creator. If you want to publish in .pdf format I would recommend the free Open Office which you can download by doing a quick Google search for "Open Office". To use the .pdf publishing option simply copy your ebook over to the Open Office writer and then use the "Export as PDF" option. Personally, I recommend you publish in .pdf format. It is fast becoming the favoured ebook format and there are generally less compatibility problems with .pdf than with .exe.

After completing step four you should have your own resellable ebook published complete with an ebook cover - a very powerful promotional tool. Furthermore, the amount you have spent creating your own resellable ebook should be low if not free. Next you will need to distribute your new resellable ebook effectively, a topic that I will be covering in my next article.

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