Reduce Party Planning Stress - Share the Workload

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When planning a party you might consider having other people help you. This can help relieve the stress in preparation with things like food, carpooling, party favors, and more. All the burden of party planning shouldn't be on you when everyone else gets to enjoy the event.

Planning a party can be fun but stressful too. For instance, surprise parties usually attract a lot of guest so the majority of those invited are likely to show for the occasion. There is no reason why you cannot ask people to share some of the load. There are many tasks involved in planning a surprise party and if something happens to you then what will happen to the party? Recruit friends or family members to help. Assign each one a specific duty. Many of the tasks you need to think about when planning a party include invitations, location, catering or food, gifts, wine, entertainment, party favors, decorations and more. You will also have to setup carpooling if it is a surprise party or people will have to park their cars far down the street. This can still be a problem if they drive a conspicuous vehicle, or there is limited parking available.

When you ask for help with the party you are throwing then everyone will have a sense of ownership. Plan a meeting with the other hosts to discuss the preparation and to split up responsibilities. Food is usually something that is shared because catering can be quite expensive. If only one person plans on cooking for an entire group of people then this can be difficult too. The best way to share the efforts with food is to make a decision which person will bring what dish to the party. Circulate a sign up list that will indicate what everyone can bring. This way, you'll know if something needs to be purchased separately.

When you throw a party location will be your number one decision. Location is important so deciding where to host the event can be a cumbersome thing to decide. Your home or the home of the person you are throwing the party for may not be big enough, but someone who is invited may have the perfect place. Ask those on your guest list if they can recommend a good location. Perhaps the clubhouse of one of the guest's apartment complex, or a local town hall might be available. Factors such as parking, restroom facilities, and lighting may need to be addressed when selecting the place to host a party. If children will be there you will have to determine if the location is safe and can accommodate kids. With a little questioning, phone calls and input from all of the host you'll discover the perfect place for a party. Then if you have to rent a place then the host can split the costs of the rental. You might even think about charging the guest with a cover charge or ask for donations to cover the cost of the rental if it is too expensive. If your party guest know the charge is going to pay for the location most won't mind the small fee. In addition, the more people you invite, the less each person will have to pay. However, you should remember that more people also mean more food, favors and decorations.

The best way to have a large party is to plan it with multiple people. To avoid arguing with each other then you should have an initial meeting so everyone can agree what their roles and responsibilities will be. This way, no one will step on any toes during the planning process. Don't be afraid to find creative ways to come up with money to pay for the costs of the party and to ask for everyone, even guests to share with the cost.

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