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In the highly paced financial life, one can easily make mistakes in planning the expenditure and the actual amount he/she needs to borrow and the ramification is your inability to payback in time. Under these circumstances your creditor may file a case and you are provided with another 6 months to repay the money borrowed. In case you can't payback within this time a county court judgment is going to hang out with you for another 6 years irrespective of whether you clear the debt within these years. That is all about nitty-gritty of county court judgment. Now, in case you need a loan during the period of CCJs then you may feel life getting too tough as getting a loan against CCJs is difficult. However, increasing competition forces the lender to ponder into newer areas and customers. And loans for CCJs are a result of one of such efforts put in by the lenders. These loans provide you with money that can be used to clear the current debt and for other purposes as well.

Loans for CCJs are available in both forms, secured as well as unsecured. As the name suggests secured loans will ask you to offer some collateral against the amount borrowed. Unsecured loans keeps you free from risking your collateral, however the interest rates are higher. An advantage of secured loan is that, lenders provide you with the option to remortgage your collateral, if the value of the same increases during the period of loan. This brings you some extra money. Loan term is of around 5 to 6 years. The amount borrowed will depend on your need, ability to payback and also on your lender. Interest rates are generally high with these loans as lenders are at high risk of losing their money.

Loans for CCJs help you to improve your credit score which can prove to be of great advantage to procure a loan in future at lower interest rate. Once you clear your debts with the money you get from these loans, you can write to credit reference agencies to update your credit score. After the period under CCJs is over you get into a position with good credit score.

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