Five Simple Ways To Buzz Market Your Book

by K Haria - Date: 2007-03-28 - Word Count: 317 Share This!

Today more than 175,000 books get published a year. Obviously, you've got to make yours different to succeed. Here are a few thoughts on how you can buzz market your book.

* Post your book notes, ideas and views at a blog. Start a free blog with Wordpress. You can also grow a community of readers through here. Check out for tips on growing a successful blog.

* Ensure your marketing plan uses all or most of Dr Cialdini's six elements of buzz: taboo, unusual, outrageous, hilarious, remarkable and secret. The more you use, the more creativeness and buzz the marketing will have.

* Submit lots of press releases on the internet and in the papers. Send out lots of your books to big players and get reviews. Do interviews with them on your book. It's an investment worth making.

* Write sypnosis for various genres. If it's a self help title for example, write various marketing synopsis for spiritual people, business people, etc.

* Throw a launch party and offer tickets to your friends and their friends. What about a "Friends and friend's friends picnic" to launch your book?

A successful buzz marketing campaign must also meet five strategic goals…

1. Awareness

2. Emotional Utility

3. Functional Utility

4. Process Facility

5. Confidence

Target your audience and make them aware of your book. Do this by creating strategic alliances with other people in your market. Also tap into your audience's need for emotional utility, a quality created in the audience's consciousness resulting from behaviour and experience.

Your buzz marketing campaign must also have a good functional utility and process strategy in place so you save time to do the things you enjoy and work to get your book to a wider audience.

The campaign must facilitate the process of moving potential customers easily and conveniently from awareness, to utility, to incentive, to sale. The campaign must also create confidence in the ability to deliver and experience a great read.

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