Cruises: Cruise Vacation Anyone?

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Every year more and more people are discovering the all-inclusive pleasures of cruise vacation.Last year alone, more than 7 million people took a cruise, more families, singles, honeymooners, couples and groups of friends are taking cruises, plus company sponsored cruise vacation for employees

Cruise Lines are experiencing a 20 percent increase in the number of cruises longer than 10 days. The demand for world cruises is on the increase, Cunard lines is having two world cruises, including the Queen Mary II's first voyage around the world, an 80-day journey.

One of the very exclusive Cruise Lines has just launched a series of voyages of greater than 50 days and is having its first around-the-world cruise in 2007. Cruise bookings are up says one cruise line spokesperson there has been a record number of bookings for this year's world cruise.

No one likes to fly anymore. It is not relaxing, you are packed in like sardines in a tin, and must bring your own lunch, and they even ask you to remove your shoes. With cruising, you have got everything with you, you are in your house wherever you go. You are taken care of, whatever you need. Medical Care is available, plus the night clubs and restaurants.

You don't have to pack and unpack every day as with regular vacations, you can spend leisurely days swimming and sun-bathing and relaxing with just met friends. You can see and do exotic things from 8 AM to 12 Noon, go for lunch, and do more exotic things from 2 PM till you're tired and then have a 7 course meal.

After supper there is always a show every night. Entertainment is also second to none. Rather than sitting in a hotel room watching TV, on a cruise your social life is built in, with 1800 possible friends some of whom are always ready to party.

Cruise lines echo the fact that one of the key attractions is that now you can visit many exotic destinations – such as Hawaii and Tahiti- without having to deal with airport security and the hassles that one encounters going through customs at foreign ports.

Today, these Cruises are no longer exclusively for the retired Seniors, but are becoming populated by young singles, couples, triple honeymooners and families, who can turn the ship into a virtual city shopping and pleasure center.

For those who are unable to cut their business ties and really relax, you can virtually run your business from the ship's Wireless Internet Access worldwide available on-board these Cruise Ships.

It's easy to see why cruises are so popular today. First off, your all inclusive package price includes all meals and snacks, cabin or stateroom, activities, entertainment and parties plus your visit to some of the most enchanting places on the planet.

The cruise ship is a floating four and five star top quality resort and more, where you can associate and meet many new friends of like tastes and interests. On a cruise you completely eliminate all the hassles of an ordinary vacation.

This is one convenient all-inclusive package where you don't have to make any reservations at all for dinner, night clubs or having to get in your car and drive anywhere for anything. This is a laid back atmosphere, where you are completely pampered, dine constantly, enjoy one excellent show after another and just let your cares float away.

Cruising, this excellent way to take vacations has encouraged many more people to book a cruise vacation over the ordinary fly, drive, hotel vacations, where you must decide what to do each day. Your cruise can be as long or short as you can afford, typically 7- 14 days although, 17 to 21 days are available.

There are cruises designed to suit virtually every interest and personal preference. Some cruises offer soft adventure expeditions to exotic places, while for some experienced vacationers, the cruise is focused on specialized culturally-rich ports of call with tours centered around history, treasures and antiquities.

From all indications, cruise vacations have a much higher percentage of satisfied customers than other types of vacation. Cruise vacation is a better value for your money and there is a cruise package for every budget.

Since the cruise fare includes all your meals, living quarters and all on-board activities and entertainment, you know what your cruise will cost before you go and your only incidental spending, which is optional, is on souvenirs, specialty restaurants, shore excursions and personal services, such as health spas and beauty salons.

To book a cruise, simply call your travel agent or one of many cruise lines. Their professionals will help you to pick the best fit for your pocket book and schedule.

So, what type of cruise vacation do you want? For many people the perfect cruise vacation centers around the non-stop sun and fun Caribbean cruises coupled with Island cultures and cuisines, along with that fabulous tan in paradise.

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