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While Next Fall on Broadway has been met with critical acclaim and very positive reviews the new American play struggles at the box office. Many have been keeping a close eye on this production simply for the reason of seeing if it can survive. The play has no big names in the cast and is a new play written by Geoffrey Nauffts, an experienced playwright but far from well-known name. The production is being run a shoestring budget and hoping that positive reviews and audience buzz will help fill the small and intimate Helen Hayes Theatre each night.

What makes Next Fall on Broadway interesting to watch for the Broadway faithful is to see if a new play with an unknown cast which does not hail even a single big Hollywood name can make it on The Great White Way. Most would hope so because the play is a wonderful piece of work filled with deep thoughts and comedic undertones. Most would say that "Next Fall" was the surprise new hit of the spring line-up, but whether it can survive and make profits for its producers and investors is another story.

While the play opened to great reviews from some of New York's toughest critics the small theater has been far from being filled each night and week. Its performance at the box office grosses each week is always at the bottom leaving the 597 seats of the theater only about 60% filled on any given night. Next Fall on Broadway clearly has a tough road ahead as its predecessors such as "Brighton Beach Memoirs" and "Reason To Be Pretty" all could find some success Off Broadway but quickly closed once On Broadway without even recouping their initial investment.

So the onlookers will pay attention to see if smart, witty writing and an unknown but veteran theater cast can win over audiences on Broadway and generate enough buzz to turn a profit, reversing the seemingly strong trend of failure for such similar genres and productions. Alternatively, perhaps the day of the new American play and a cast without a single Hollywood name has come and the ability for such a production to succeed on Broadway has passed. While most would argue that Next Fall on Broadway delivers everything, which is missing from "The Great White Way" over recent years it seems that audience are reluctant to hand over their money to a show without all the bells, whistles and high production costs these days.

Clearly the overall climate for a new play on Broadway is harsh to say the least. Still each year a couple of new plays hit the stage with an unheard of cast and are able to break through while building a strong audience. Many feel that Next Fall on Broadway just may be that rare production and beat the odds. While the play is set for an open-ended run it will need to build that audience quickly and see profit or likely the producers will be forced to close the curtain sooner rather than later. With such witty writing, entertaining yet though provoking story and comedic moments backed with dazzling reviews this is a new American play on Broadway that you should take a chance on. The author of this article cover all events in New York City and has information such as Next Fall On Broadway Articles and News. His web site is a great resource for anyone looking for Next Fall on Broadway information or any other event in New York City.

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