Clearing Clogged Arteries - Confusion, Chaos, And Solutions

by R.D. Hawkins - Date: 2010-07-17 - Word Count: 565 Share This!

Clogged arteries are causes by the accumulation of arterial plaque often beginning as early as a person's elementary school days. Over time a high cholesterol, high saturated fat diet combined with inactivity and weight gain causes the accumulation of cholesterol in to become greater until our superhighway of blood vessels and arteries starts to become congested. That brings us to our topic of clearing clogged arteries, which for the most part no one really takes all that seriously until they reach the age of 40 or older.

Many will turn to their doctors for a prescription medication to accomplish this but is this really the best approach for clearing clogged arteries? Most in the medical community will say it is, and discount the latest studies linking diabetes to prescription lowering medications along with a myriad of other side effects, opting to prescribe an additional drug for diabetes if it appears. But don't diabetes medications increase the risk for high blood pressure? The answer in some instances is yes. So all of the sudden our noble quest for clearing clogged arteries has lead us down the path to multiple prescription medications to keep our health issues at bay. In other words similar to putting a piece of chewing gum on the dam in order to stop the leak. We haven't solved the problem only bought ourselves some extra time until something else goes wrong.

Add to the picture that almost 70 percent of Americans are overweight and regularly consume diets filled with saturated fat and cholesterol and the path to clearing clogged arteries becomes even more confusing. As you know being overweight raises artery clogging LDL cholesterol, raises early stage blood fat levels (triglycerides), dramatically increases the chances of diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and leads to an inactive sedentary lifestyle.
When you add all this up it equates to a life of prescription medications , poor health, and decreased life expectancy.

This mess is not your doctors fault. He/she is trying their best to manage your situation treating problems pharmaceutically as they occur. But is there another path available which won't add another layer of problems onto our health concerns. For many the answer is yes. Let's look at a few baby steps that can help you get started on clearing clogged arteries.

*Diet modification: Without it your chances of clearing clogged arteries are about the same as there being a land rush for warm weather elderly snowbirds in Antarctica. It's just not going to happen, prescription medication or no prescription medications. In order achieve you goal of reversing clogged arteries you will need to reduce daily saturated fat intake to about 15 grams a day, keep cholesterol to a minimum, and avoid trans fats. Additionally, consuming 10 grams a day of soluble fiber (apples, pears, oat bran, oat meal, beans) and opting for store products with a heart healthy label are good ideas as well.

*Become more active: Implementing daily doctor approved activities lasting for between 15 and 35 minutes a day such as walking, gardening, biking, swimming, pool aerobics, and house cleaning will reduce cholesterol and burn calories.

*No smoking: You should already know the risks and be well on your way to quitting.

*Don't ignore natural supplements: Supplement work with your body to solve problems. Three supplements to consider for help clearing clogged arteries are omega 3 fish oil, a daily B complex vitamin, and a natural cholesterol reduction supplement.

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