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You've had a long week. It's freezing outside. You spent your last £20 on a pizza last night. You just want to chill out in front of the telly. You have no inspiration for buying Christmas presents. You can't be bothered to find a parking space, let alone face all those queues of people. You don't want to hear "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" piping through a crowded store for the umpteenth time. You're fed up with picking glitter off your best sweater. And if you catch another whiff of roasting chestnuts....Bah Humbug!

But relax! Christmas shopping has never been so easy! Buying Christmas presents online is much better fun than trudging around the shops looking for gift ideas and jostling with all and sundry for a place in the checkout line! Make yourself a huge mug of tea, grab some chocolate biscuits while you're at it and get online! You'll stay warm and cosy in the comfort of your own home, you won't get checkout rage, and all be delivered to your door - no need to lumber any big heavy bags yourself!

Christmas Presents are a joy for some to buy, for others they are a trial. Many of us have at least one member of the family who can't come up with anything more inspired than a ten pound note wrapped around a bar of Toblerone. Gone are the days when the women are content with a gift box of Charlie and the men with Old Spice. If you've been given a wish-list, that's a great help. Someone's actually taken the time to trawl the shops themselves and come up with their most wanted list from which you can choose something safe in the knowledge that it will be appreciated. It can be all too tricky to buy Christmas presents for the one who has, or at least seems to have, everything. Worse, it can be a treacherous road ahead if you are buying Christmas presents for people who tell you they're "easy to please" because you can bet your last fiver that they are not.

No wish-list? What are they into? Consider their hobbies, lifestyle and interests for example. Gardening? Sport? Movies? Bird watching? (You never know!) Then you need to think about your budget. How much do you plan to spend? It's the thought that really counts with gift-giving and Christmas presents are no different. You may not have unlimited amounts of cash to spend but a simple thoughtful gift will remind people of your generosity and attention to detail. Your green-fingered Auntie might appreciate a Pocket Garden or a comfy Kneepad as much as she would a more expensive Crate Planter or Pink Garden Kit. Honestly, you would have demonstrated your appreciation of what she enjoys most in life with any of these Christmas presents.

You'll be amazed how the search for certain Christmas presents leads to the discovery of others when you are using the internet. It's not just down to the clever marketing ploys of online retailers, who position related suggestions for Christmas presents on the same page, but the way in which your mind works too. One idea might not suit the person you have in mind at that moment, but you'll find the thought process leads to "so-and-so would love that" and, hey presto, you can tick another recipient off your list of Christmas presents. What would turn off your hip younger sister could be one of the best Christmas presents your Gran has ever received.

If you really are having trouble, there's nothing better to make a person feel special than a gift that's been created especially and uniquely for them. Personal gifts are popular for so many occasions throughout the year, but never more so than at Christmas. You've had all these Christmas presents to buy yet you still managed to get something individual that no-one else can lay claim to. Whether it's something simple but useful such as a personalised mug or silver-plated photo frame, something with which to cherish memories like a photographic personalised calendar or a kids canvas, something really worth savouring - a personalised bottle of champagne is bound to get them popping, or something downright unusual like a bespoke blend of tea, you are sure to find something that turns out to be one of the most memorable Christmas presents they have ever unwrapped.

So there you have it. Shopping for Christmas presents from the comfort of your own home will save you money, keep you warm and cosy, distance you from the stresses and irritations of queuing and jostling with the crowds, deliver your gifts to your door (or to the intended) and make you the most popular person alive. After Barack Obama, of course.

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