Are We Seriously Questioning Helmet Safety?

by Gordon Simmons - Date: 2007-02-15 - Word Count: 337 Share This!

I just read another article dealing with the safety of wearing a helmet. It spoke of the "controversy" surrounding helmet use since many riders who wear helmets die in a crash. In the past year I've read several articles that spit out statistics one after the other either supporting the position that helmets keep you safer or refuting it.

Are we serious about this?

Crashing is an event that is almost always the culmination of several factors. We overthink this whole helmet issue because the obvious benefits of wearing a helmet get obfuscated by what caused the crash or fatality. Of course it's safer to wear a helmet than not. Does wearing a helmet mean you won't die or get injured in a crash? No. There are many factors that contribute to the severity of a crash; but if you have any doubt that it's safer to wear a helmet than not, than I challenge you to conduct the following experiment:

If you don't wear a helmet, borrow one and put it on. Now give a buddy a hammer and have him hit you on the helmet with about the same force he'd use to drive a nail into a two by four. Now take the helmet off and have him do it again. What's that? You stop him before he gets a chance to hit you? How come? I thought your position was that helmets don't really do that much to protect you?

And as for the full face versus open face debate: get out the belt sander and have him take that to your unprotected nose. Sounds gross doesn't it? I'm sure sliding 150 feet on your face across the pavement would be too.

You get the point (I hope). Statistics can be argued over and over again. How helmets can be made even safer can be argued. What can't be argued is that it doesn't hurt nearly as much to get hit on the head with a hammer when you're wearing a helmet.

Use your head. Gear Up! Ride Safe!

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Gordon Simmons is a motorcycle enthusiast and owner of Gordo's Motorcycle Gear. Gordon believes in safe riding and responsible motorcycling.

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