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The Weaving Shop is a demonstration site and exhibit building at Shelburne Museum in Shelburne, Vermont. The museum constructed the Weaving Shop on the grounds in 1955 using salvaged building materials. The Weaving Shop offers both spinning and weaving demonstrations and exhibits a variety of historic textiles including blankets, coverlets, towels, tablecloths, and yardage used to produce curtains and clothing. Craftsmen demonstrate carding and spinning (the processes of turning raw wool and flax into woven cloth). Using flax hetchels and wool combs, they prepare the materials for spinning. After combing the fibers, artisans employ both large walking wheels and smaller flax wheels to spin the wool and flax into twisted strands. Once stranded, they use yarn winders to ply the strands together forming strengthened threads and yarns. With the newly produced thread and yarn, artisans demonstrate the weaving process on historic looms. The Shelburne Museum weavers use barn frame looms, which date from the late 18th and early 19th centuries, to produce placemats, table runners, small rugs, and yardage. Traditionally weavers used barn frame looms to create everything from yardage for clothing, to bedding, to carpets and sacks. Before the industrialization of the weaving trade, weavers accomplished their work either at home or, more frequently, in small shops similar to that of the Museum. Additionally, Shelburne Museum operates an 1890s Jacquard loom, restored in the 1980s, to weave elaborate floral and mosaic patterned fabrics. Noted for its ability to produce such patterns, the Jacquard loom remains an important example of the type of early automated looms that were easily converted into electric machines making the mass-production of textiles possible. References Shelburne Museum. 1993. Shelburne Museum: A Guide to the Collections. Shelburne: Shelburne Museum, Inc. Weaving Shed Categories: Shelburne Museum

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