VoIP Business Reseller Opportunity

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VoIP industry is expanding monstrously and is showing no signs whatsoever of slowing down. Time for traditional channels of communication namely public switch telephony network or PSTN has passed, as people from all possible sectors of the industry as well as residentials are switching over to IP telephony. It is imperative that the number of VoIP resellers is increasing along with it in order to ensure the availability of this profitable service to one and all. Even the remotest of areas round the globe are beginning to get access to making VoIP calls.

Branded VoIP resellers have got a lot to look forward to in terms of opportunity provided by voice over IP. If we look at the service itself it is quiet simple. Voice over Internet protocol, as is evident by its name itself, send the voice signals over the Internet by converting it into small digital IP signals (so that it could be read and understood by the computer). Finally these digital IP packets are reconverted to voice signals before they reach the destination. This process is quiet similar to the way your emails are send via Internet. VoIP therefore is converging voice, data and video through world wide web.

Selecting The Best VoIP Provider

VoIP reseller has got a wide choice in terms of voice over IP service providers. Selecting a provider from a host of them can be quiet an unnerving task for anyone. However keeping a short check list in mind while making the selection can guarantee you a hassle-free service and your customers a reliable IP telephony service. Given below are few such pointers.

1. Quality - Whenever telephony service is in question, the most important factor by default is the quality of service on offer. It thus becomes essential to find the ASR, ACD and PDD from your service provider.
2. Rates - There is great disparity in the rates offered by different providers. In order to ensure that you get the best rate, an in-depth research on numerous providers becomes important.
3. Technical Support - Best VoIP service would be incomplete without 24x7x365 technical support. There are several VoIP providers, like iCallGlobe, who offer support through live chat. This way your problems are escalated directly to the technical support representative and resolved at the earliest.

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Select the best service provided by VoIP Reseller including VoIP Reseller Program

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