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by David Cowley - Date: 2008-07-30 - Word Count: 553 Share This!

If there's one complaint that free weight enthusiasts have it's that it takes too much time adding and removing plates and using the fastening pins in between sets. Most weight lifting enthusiasts appreciate the ease and convenience of weight stacks but want the freedom of free weights. Both of these elements are combined into one with the Bowflex SelectTech, a revolutionary style of free weight technology that is guaranteed to change the way you work out.

For those who have never heard of it, the Bowflex SelectTech system is a stack of free weights that uses a dial on the rod in order to select your weight preference. You simply place the rod in the center of the weight stack, which sits on its side rather than upright like other free weights, and dial up the weight you want to lift. You then pick up your rod and presto - you have your weight selection. With the Bowflex Select Tech system of free weights there is no need to pick up any plates or use any pins to get them on and off the rod. The advantages of this system are endless, both in terms of safety and performance.

For one thing, even the most experienced weightlifter knows the danger of using plates. Many have experienced crushed or bruised toes because of dropping them, or have at least experienced a close call or two. This is something especially important for those who are new to lifting, as they are less experienced with handling them. With the Bowflex SelectTech system of free weight, you never need to pick up an individual plate for any reason, either to add or remove it from your lifting rod.

The Bowflex Select Tech system of free weights is also advantageous even to the most experienced weightlifter, since there is no time wasted adding or removing plates. This is especially important for those who want to shift only a few pounds in between sets, for instance, subtracting five pounds between presses and curls can be a huge inconvenience when you need to undo the pin, slide off the weight, put the pin back on, and so forth.

In the past, weight lifters needed to have multiple sets of free weights when working on an aerobic weight routine. The time needed to changed between weights between sets was just to great when you were trying to keep your heart rate up. With the Bowflex SelectTech system you simply put your rod back in the middle of the weight stack, turn the dial, and you're back to your workout in only a few seconds.

The Bowflex Select Tech system comes in three different varieties for whatever your fitness levels, so if you've ever thought that free weights were too heavy for you it's time to think again. The lightest set starts with only 2.5 pounds and goes up to twenty pounds, perfect for someone looking to tone up or that is just starting out with resistance training. And the Bowflex SelectTech system is so affordable you can get a set for everyone in the home so there's no waiting around for someone else to finish their routine!

If you've thought about resistance training or are starting to get fed up with the inconvenience of individual plates with pins, it's time to check out the Bowflex Select Tech system.

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