Party Wristbands

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Wristbands are useful at times of parties as identification tags for admission, security check, crowd control, and bar coded tags may be used for age verification in bars.

Wristbands are designed cleverly so that they can serve specific needs of a party. Party wristbands are mainly available in Tyvek paper and plastic.

Tyvek paper wristbands are meant for single use and are nontransferable and could be used as gate passes. Tyvek paper wristbands may help organizers in keeping gatecrashers away. Few Tyvek wristbands are provided with a tear-off tab for redeeming drinks, meals or attraction included in the entry price. Event managers can put their own design and can choose a legend to be printed on each tab. These wristbands are designed with a non-reusable locking system preventing them from being exchanged and are restricted to a single use. Tyvek wristbands are used extensively by nightclub owners and party organizers not only because they are versatile but cost effective too.

Plastic wristbands may also be used as an accessory. There are specially designed eye catchy wristbands with sparkles that could be worn to parties and discotheques. These sparkle bands come with a single-use locking clip. They glitter when light falls on them and those in neon colors glow, making them very eye catchy. Glittering wristbands can be issued by clubs and hotels as entry passes for any events that thy may host. People may buy such bands as tickets as they may serve a dual purpose, which may be used as gate passes as they come with a single use snap, and other as a decorative accessory as they are very striking.

Similarly holographic wristbands can be used for parties as they are equally attractive and serve the same purpose that of a glittering wristband. Holographic wristbands show off a rainbow effect under light and neon colors glow in the dark.

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