Make Money From Handwriting

by Steve Carter - Date: 2007-05-21 - Word Count: 417 Share This!

In our world of technology that is getting smarter and smarter handwriting is slowly and gradually becoming a lost art! We have keyboards, typewriters, personal device assistants, voice messaging, and much more. Who needs fancy handwriting? Like I said, it is an art. Many people would love to improve their handwriting because others have a hard time reading it (maybe there are some doctors out there reading this!), or just because they simply want to improve their handwriting.

There is one person who teaches a penmanship class in the United States for $99 per person. This business does very well teaching people how to have better penmanship. You, too, can make money from teaching others how to improve their handwriting. If you have nice handwriting you may be able to start a business or something on the side in your spare time to make a profit from teaching people how to have great handwriting and penmanship. You could even teach another class on cursive writing, or include that in your regular class.

The people who would be interested in your handwriting classes would be college and university students, business people, and more. The market you will need to focus on are those that have careers in which their handwriting matters. Teachers, substitutes and other school staff may also be interested in a handwriting class because a large number of people need to understand their handwriting. If they can't, it can cause a real problem in their lives and in their careers.

In this sense, handwriting is not a lost art at all. If you want to create your own small business out of teaching handwriting you might also consider learning and teaching others the special handwriting art of calligraphy. This is the type of handwriting that you see on specially made cards and invitations, especially wedding invitations. Calligraphy is a true handwriting art that is loved in Asian countries, and has been for centuries.

Let potential customers how they can benefit from your handwriting classes, such as college and university students, teachers, business people and doctors. Let them know that it is important to have legible handwriting, or others will naturally think they simply can't write anything that is able to read, and those people will be less likely to even try to read what they write in the future.

You should market with business cards, flyers, advertisements, and more. You could hold the handwriting classes in your home, a local café, or even your local library.

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