No Translation Needed, Designer Handbag Fashions Speak Every Language

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Walking down the fashion street in Tokyo, Russia or in Korea’s fashion districts, you will see the brand names of Prada bags, Coach and Dolce and Gabbana. Even though these companies are far from home, these western style fashions are hot commodities in the east.
Brand names mean everything to many Asians and Russians, not just Americans. Designer handbags are status symbols, highly advertised as items only the select few can afford and therefore own. Owning a designer handbag is many women’s dream and showing the world they are up to date on what’s hot is all about wearing the latest designer handbag on one’s arm.
Some of the Hottest Handbags Flying off Store Shelves in Asia and Russia

Prada Handbag
Jimmy Choo Handbag
Dolce and Gabbana
Chanel Handbags

Studies have found that the real thing far outweighs the knock offs of these bags. Women are far more likely to buy the real thing verses a knock off. Whereas designer watches and clothing use to far outweigh any handbag, now it’s the designer handbags that are the must have for any woman wanting the latest look.
Even in the United States, girls want designer handbags for Christmas, graduation gifts and for birthdays over other high quality items. Perhaps it’s the Internet, the sudden economic boom in certain countries or just the fact that it is the designer handbag’s day in the sun, the designer handbag is not going to be out of style for quite some time.
New Trend Alert! What to Watch For
To match their designer handbags, designer mobile phones are the next thing on the hot list. Prada phones to match their Prada handbags, inside their Prada cell phone case of course. Gold plated Gucci mobile phone, to match every Gucci handbag. Look hot talking on your designer Christian Dior phone with slinging your Christian Dior handbag. Don’t worry ladies, it’s okay to mix and match! Sling that Coach bag with your Prada phone or talk on your Dolce and Gabbana phone while sporting Gucci clothing. If it’s designer, it’s in!

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