Wedding Portraits Tips

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Are you conscious of how much time should be save for your wedding portraits? For your photographer to do a good job, it perhaps more than you realize.

Usually, the photographs will begin at the Bride's home before the ceremony. Here the photographer will take portraits of the Bride, her family and the bridal party. It is vital that your hair and make-up appointment is planned early enough so that you begin your photographs on time. Hair and makeup should be finished a minimum of one hour before you are planned to begin photographs. Allow time for travel, dressing and finding that lost pair of earrings.

Most expert photographers will want two to three hours of shooting time before the ceremony. Ensure your flowers are ready and everybody is dressed. This gives you time to enjoy the photographic session, have a couple of breaks and get to the church on time.

It doesn't seem to subject how long your ceremony is planned for - you will be at the church for about an hour. Longer if you're having a receiving line after the ceremony. If the ceremony is scheduled to end at3:30pm, do not schedule your photographs at3:35pm. Take into account the travel time from the church to your location. Your participants will not arrive all at once either. You may want to assign a brother, sister or wedding party member to systematize your families and get them to the photo location on time and all together.

The family groups are generally photographed after the ceremony. This includes the families of both the Bride and Groom, the whole wedding party and, of course, the Bride and Groom alone. If your family groups are being photographed indoors but not in a studio, you may need to allow the photographer time to set up lighting apparatus and arrange props. Outdoors settings are generally no problem and the photo session can begin right away. These portraits generally go quickly (unless a family member is missing). The one to two hours for your family groups will fly by and will depend on the size of your families, whether there are children involved, and the size of your wedding party. This does not include travel time to the location or travel to the reception afterwards.

You may save money by having your photographer photograph your cake cutting, first dance, toasting portrait and other reception-type photographs previous to the reception, rather than when these events really occur. By this time you will be tired of photographs and will want to enjoy your evening and be with your guests. The usual reception photographs will take almost one-half hour if done this way.

Keep in mind that if you have any particular requests, such as an extra location for some portraits of the Bride and Groom, to allow extra time for travel, set up and shooting. If you allow your photographer the time to do their job, you will have a good experience and photographs to last a lifetime.

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