The Truth About Free Website Traffic

by Shrinivas Vaidya - Date: 2007-01-28 - Word Count: 338 Share This!

The word Free has a tremendous potential in it. It immediately attracts your attention from what you are doing online. Whenever you see the word "free" it engages your attention to look into the offer immediately.

Traffic that comes to your website without spending any money on any sorts of advertising is normally termed as free traffic. But is it really FREE? There is a hard truth behind this concept. Every free service made available for advertising of any kind is likely to attract a lot of other publishers. Internet is an open medium. To a certain extent everyone has a freedom to express his/her thoughts.

This creates a healthy competition amongst all those who want to bring their message in front of a large audience. So what's the solution to this? Yes, you can beat this competition by taking massive action. the secret is to bring your offer in front of people more frequently than your competitors. This can be explained in many ways like posting more often in your favorite discussion forums or writing more articles frequently. Taking more action can put you in front of your competitors easily.

There is one more way to solve this problem altogether. It's called Web 2.0. Web 2.0 is a relatively new concept and is free. In this users submit their content in various forms like articles, audio, video, photos at a community website and other members comment your content by viewing/reading them. This gives a tremendous boost to your credibility in a very short time.

However this requires that your content is of great quality and creative. If you can do this then with a little creativity you can attract thousands of visitors to any website in a matter of hours.

Some great quality community websites that can achieve this are (for videos), (for images/photos), (for blogs). These community sites are already full with visitors day in and day out. You can make use of this with little work and profit fro them in a very short time.

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