Fact Sheet on Lifestyles Condoms

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LifeStyles Condoms are manufactured by Ansell Limited, a company that also owns the Contempo, Mates, Manix, and Kama Sutra brands of condoms. The company�s long history in personal healthcare assures consumers of best business practices as well as long standing commitment to social responsibility in helping public health organizations worldwide.
LifeStyles is one of the more popular brands of condoms in the world, and in the U.S. Along with Durex and Trojan, they offer more choices to consumers who practice safe sex without wanting to make sacrifices on their own pleasure.
LifeStyles Condoms have 19 different varieties, all of which are guaranteed to be made of high quality latex and are tested several times to ensure maximum protection for users.
There are several varieties of LifesStyle Condoms according to style.
First is its non-lubricated product, the Kiss of Mint. This type of LifeStyles Condoms is suitable for oral sex, with flared headroom at the front part. Apart from being sensitive, most consumers love their mint taste, a far cry from overpowering latex taste of other products. Users just need to make sure that their lubricants are water-based.
And speaking of sensitivity, Lifestyles Condoms offer their Ultra Sensitive and the Ultra Thin product lines. Users have favorable responses to these condoms, as most feel like they are not wearing any contraceptive at all. Another product, the LifeStyles Sheer Pleasure Condoms, also afforded that bare feeling while assuring total protection during sex, as all LifeStyles Condoms are known for their strength.
A lot of couples also used textured condoms for added sensation. LifeStyles Condoms has the Ultra Ribbed product as well as the His n� Her Pleasure variety that has enlarged front to give some headroom comfort for the male as well as having ribbed surface for the woman�s pleasure.
For those seeking to try something new, condom varieties in different colors are also available. LifeStyles Condoms offers the fun Colors product line as well as the Tuxedo product line. The latter is colored black, and uncircumcised men prefer this condom for the flared front that provided the needed space. The LifesStyles Warming Pleasure Condoms variety gives a warming sensation during lovemaking, increasing both partners� pleasure.
Another condom with enlarged front is the Dual Pleasure product of LifeStyles Condoms. This particular contraceptive is shaped like a light bulb, and some women derive much pleasure from this shape, as it increased sensation while inside the vagina.
If LifesStyles Condoms has a non-lubricated condom, it also offers the Extra Lubricated variety, which contain more than the usual amount of water-based lubricant.
Apart from Kiss of Mint, LifeStyles Condoms also has the Flavored variety that comes in strawberry, banana, and vanilla. This product line is widely used in oral sex, for women who are bothered by the strong latex smell and taste of other condoms.
As in any other brands, condoms do not assure of 100% efficacy. However, much efficacy of condom use is hinged on its proper use. There are important things to keep in mind when you decide to use condoms as contraceptives, such as using condoms that are not expired, stored properly away from heat, and are carefully opened to avoid tears. When LifeStyles Condoms are use along with other forms of contraceptives, such as pills, contraceptive foams or cervical cap, the chances of unwanted pregnancies and STD infections are greatly minimized.
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