Health Insurance Is Important

by Shane Van Niekerk - Date: 2007-01-20 - Word Count: 396 Share This!

The importance of health insurance cannot be stressed enough. There are probably very few families who do not have it in some form or other.

You might just have a hospital plan or a day to day plan, but most people will have provided for this unpredictable instance in their lives. Illness and accidents come without any warning and if there is no insurance in place the expenses could be astronomical.

A medical scheme that has day to day covering as well the hospitalization and expenses that are associated with it is the best one to have. Obviously the premiums will be much higher in a month, but should something unforeseen happen it will be worth the expense. This particular scheme has a certain amount allotted to each consumer per year for all the day to day expenses for visits to physicians and dentists. This amount of money is referred to as the savings account.

It can be spent on prescribed medicines or whatever the consumer requires. Once this allotted amount has been used it will not be replenished until the first day of the following year. Any further expenses there might be after the amount has been depleted will have to be paid for by the consumer. On the other hand if the consumer did not use the allotted amount in the specified period the balance will be carried over to the following year. So this is a advantage for consumers who do not often require medical cared.

The other side of the policy is the hospital plan which also has a certain limit. This however, is very much higher than the day to day side and it allows for the consumer to be hospitalized and all expensive medical procedures will be paid for. Operations, x-rays and tests as well as prescribed medicines will all be covered while the patient is hospitalized. This is an excellent plan as all aspects of medical care are covered. Obviously there are limits on the amounts that may be spent.

There are schemes for consumers who are frequently out of town. Normally a medical scheme only operates in the town or city where you live. Should a consumer be frequently out of town for various reasons he would be able to visit a doctor wherever he happened to be. The consumer pays the bill and then refers it to the insurance company for reimbursement.

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