Dealing With Public Speaking Anxiety

by Leo Liu - Date: 2010-05-04 - Word Count: 352 Share This!

Most people are terrified about presenting and public speaking. It is just a situation that places a lot of fear and stress on many people. There are a few methods for combating this presenting and public speaking pressure that will assist you in your speech or presentation.

One of the best thing that you can do is understand your own materials. Rehearse your presentation until you are sure that you're able to do this without thinking about it. This is because that you don't want forgetting what you have to speak about being an extra source of pressure in a scenario that you are already suffering from some.

Practice in front of other people first before you start. This can help you experience some acceptance from other people. You will possess some confidence that you're able to do the presentation well in front of other people. Allow them to criticize you to help you fix anything. Finding out there are not noticeable flaws can help you relax a little bit.

You need to realize that a lot of people would respect you for even making an attempt. The majority of people don't like speaking in public. Just from getting up there, many will think highly of your couragement no matter how well or poorly you do. It is hard for somebody to be critical of you when it is something they can't do themselves.

Should you make a mistake, do not get ashamed, stumble over your words, and then stop. A lot of people do not know whether you made a mistake or not. Just carry on as if you don't even notice. Because the crowd does not know your speech, they will not know the difference. In case you stop then make it noticeable, you'll become embarrassed and lose confidence.

Recognize that the more you do public speaking, the less anxious it's going to become. You need to practice repeatedly so that you can become more comfortable performing it. Even though this probably won't appear to be the best advice to new public speakers, in time it does get less difficult to cope with the worry.

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