Colon Flush: Why We All Need to Do it

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Many factors work harmoniously in order to create optimal balance of every system within the human body. Many issues in our modern world negatively affect and alter the human body's normal functioning, weakening it and creating a compromised internal environment struggling to fend off invaders, such as pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Some of these factors are environmental. Daily, our bodies are subjected to electromagnetic stress from computers and electronics, emotional stress from all variety of relationships, sedentary lifestyles, and a high intake of processed and refined foods. Each of these issues places a toxic burden on the human body, and in our fast-paced world, an increasing number of individuals consume vast quantities of over-the-counter and prescription drugs, all of which places an enormous strain on the body over time.

Effects of an Unclean Colon

The organs working to reduce the toxic load on the body include the liver and several parts of the digestive systems. The colon is the chief organ in actually eliminating waste and creating an internal environment where nutrients can be easily absorbed into the bloodstream but with toxins being eliminated. When stress, poor nutrition, and environmental toxins overwhelm our bodies, disease may occur as the end result.

The colon in particular is a vital organ because it comprises much of the immune system and clears out hostile organisms not belonging in a healthy body. When the colon's health is compromised, the cleansing process is slowed down or halted altogether. This is a dangerous situation because it can be the start of a number of debilitating diseases. This occurs because the body's natural ability to heal itself, the immune system, has been hindered. In some cases, autointoxication may occur wherein toxins from the waste residing in the colon (for days and weeks) begin to be reabsorbed back into the bloodstream. Some signs a colon flush, or colon cleanse, is needed may include chronic constipation, diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, or a hindered immune system.

Methods for Cleansing the Colon

Many ways exist for remedying a colon that is not functioning properly. Colon cleanses and colon flushes are a necessary measure for removing impacted fecal matter and pathogens as well as built up mucous. In many cases, a colon flush will clean the colon and will also enable the bowel to begin healing itself and functioning properly again. There are different ways to flush out the colon. For example, herbal remedies offer help by stimulating the bowel to expel wastes and by killing harmful bacteria and other pathogens. Oxy-PowderÂ(r) is the best choice as it is a safe, non-habit forming formula that safely eliminates accumulated waste matter from the intestinal walls, while naturally stimulating the body to induce regular bowel movements.

Another type of colon flush includes colonic hydrotherapy. Colonic hydrotherapy consists of an internal bath of warm, filtered water that is pushed into the colon for cleansing out waste. This helps to eliminate unhealthy substances within the organ itself and helps to create an environment suited for self-healing. Colonic hydrotherapy should be performed by a professional health care practitioner trained in this specific procedure.

Another type of colon flush is an enema. An enema involves flushing out the colon by the forceful insertion of a liquid, usually combined with water, in order to stimulate a bowel movement. Different herbs and chemicals are used in different enemas. Coffee enemas are becoming more common as the coffee stimulates a cleansing and healing effect within the colon, and is a natural stimulant for elimination. Enemas containing enzymes are also used as a type of colon flush, as natural enzymes safely consume and break down built up waste material and expel it. Enzyme therapy as taken orally is also a method of flushing the colon. Enzymes naturally break down food particles that are difficult to digest and help remove them from the body.

Results of Colon Cleansing

Colon flushes serve the purpose of promoting healing and cleansing of the body's vital elimination organ. After healing the colon, other bodily systems can also work more efficiently. A colon flush is a healthy measure to take if the colon's functioning has been compromised lately. In order to help secure long-term health, exercise, a nutritious diet, and reducing stress from your life should also be practiced. Although you should seek a health care practitioner trained in the field before initiating these colon cleansing methods, you can begin to implement an improved diet and other positive lifestyle changes on your own. Take care of your colon and you will begin to notice the change in how you feel in practically no time at all!


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