Safety Of Baby Toys

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It has taken a great many years to figure out just what makes a good toy for a baby. So many of the toys on the market these days are for children aged three and up and are full of itty bitty parts that could spell disaster if swallowed by a young child. Over time baby toys have gone through quite a metamorphosis.

Babies used to be given the same toys that were given to older kids, but as time has gone on experts have agreed that there are certain things that make one baby toy better than another.

There are three main factors that come into play when deciding on toys for babies.

Can any part of the toy be inadvertently swallowed if the child is left alone for more than four seconds

Can it withstand a great deal of abuse?

Could the baby hurt herself or others if she decides to fling the toy away or loses her grip and hits herself with it?

If the answers are no, yes and no, then you have the makings of what could possibly be a great toy for your baby.

Baby toys need to be soft and squishy enough that when your child gets excited and accidentally flings their toy at your head it will simply bounce away. They also need to be durable enough that your child can both bang it on things and chew on it without completely destroying it beyond recognition. Also, baby toys are ideally just a single piece that is too large to be swallowed. After all, you don't want your wee one swallowing something that does not belong in any of the food groups.

Big squishy blocks are great baby toys. Soft toys are great baby toys. These are toys that can withstand a great deal of abuse but also be completely entertaining for someone who has not yet reached the age of two.

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