Wedding Gift Etiquette - What Every Guest Needs to Know

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When one is invited to a wedding, it is only appropriate to give the couple a gift. However, gift giving is not just about choosing the cheapest item you can find. Unknown to some, there are unwritten rules or etiquette expected from the guests - from answering RSVPs, to choosing wedding gifts for the couple.

Engagement party

In general, the engagement party is the best time to ask about the couple's plans for the wedding and other details such as their bridal registry. For couples who have made arrangements for bridal registries before the engagement party, the shower is the best time to bring your present as opposed to bringing them on the actual day of the wedding. If the couple has not made any arrangements, the shower is the best time for you and take the opportunity to explore your creativity. Other than decorative items for the couple's home, other interesting choices could be membership to a fitness centre, a wine club, or cooking lessons from a culinary institute.

Bridal registries

It is common for couples to register in more than one store for their bridal registry. However, even if they have, it is not a guarantee that they will include that information in their wedding invitations as some still find bridal registries tacky or embarrassing. When you don't see any registry information on the wedding invitation it is best to call and ask the couple directly. If that is a little awkward, you can call the couple's family instead or their close friends.


When invited to a wedding, one should remember that this is not the right time to look for the cheapest item you can find. In fact, this is the time that calls for a more generous present. As a general rule, you are not required to break the bank when choosing a wedding gift. However, it is always best to choose something that you can afford. If you are not sure about the amount, you can base the price range of the present on the type of celebration the couple is having. If the couple is having their reception in an exclusive venue with butlers and expensive catering, you might need to shell out a bit more than you normally would when buying presents for simpler ceremonies.

Cash gifts

Cash gifts are becoming increasingly popular these days as more and more couples are marrying at a later age and they most likely have their homes already set up. Other than that, it is more practical and convenient for both the couple and the person giving the present. The couple can use the money to purchase their home, pay up their mortgage and other bills, add to their savings, or to take care of other wedding expenses. If you decide to give a cash gift instead, it is only appropriate to write a check addressed either to the bride or the groom if sent out before the wedding or addressed to Mr. and Mrs. if sent out after the wedding.

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