How To Get Your Envelopes Opened

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The main goal of every business owner is to have your target clients open your envelopes and read what is inside. It doesn't pay to have your envelope printing piece stay unopened and get junked right away. It takes too much money and effort on your part to do your envelope printing and then mail your marketing material, for it to just go down the garbage bin.

Before you could even get your prospective clients to order from you, they have to see what you have to offer first. Sorry to say, even before your target readers could read what's inside, your envelope printing project gets instantly stamped as junk mail with just one look at your envelope printing piece.

Here are some suggestions to help you get a positive impact with your envelope printing project:

1. Junk mail equals garbage bin.

If you don't want your envelope printing project to end up as feed to the trash can, then don't create an envelope printing project that looks like one. Junk mail gets junked, period. So don't mail your materials like your brochure printing project, flyer printing piece, postcard printing item, and even your business card printing piece, in envelopes that look like junk.

2. Mailing labels make your envelope printing project look like junk mail.

3. Consider using colored envelopes.

Using colored envelope printing materials would create a positive reaction from your target clients because they would feel that what is inside is special, enough for the business owner to spend money to get them printed.

4. Go FIRST CLASS, and you'll be treated like first class.

Post your envelope printing project in first class and then stamp it in several places on your envelope. It makes for an official looking appearance in your envelope printing project.

5. Avoid using a rubber stamp for your return address.

It is not only ugly, but it creates a very unprofessional image, for you and your business.

6. Get a printing house to provide you with your envelope printing pieces.

Include in their envelope printing job your return address so you wouldn't even think of getting a rubber stamp to use for your return address.

7. Get commemorative stamps rather then the standard issue stamps.

Use commemorative stamps and you'll get your envelope printing project opened. They are more attractive have the same price as that of the regular issues anyway.

There are still many more tricks that you can do. The main objective here is to get your envelope printing piece opened so that your target readers would be able to read and understand what is inside. It is too expensive on your part to have your brochure printing material, or your postcard printing item, to just get to the bottom of the garbage bin without having shed its message to your target clients. So be smart and let your envelope printing project help you increase your sales and profits.

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