Anti Spam filtering: Do You Use Anti Spam Filtering?

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Spam email can be stopped or controlled by using a spam filter. Email filtering software can be installed by you on your computer or sometimes your internet service provider may provide a spam filter on their mail server. You will have to contact them for more details.

There are a lot of different spam software that you may choose from. Some are better than others and some you buy and others you may use for free. Popular spam software includes Mailwasher, Spambutcher, McAfee, Cloudmark and others.

Microsoft Office Outlook has some features that helps you to block spam email. The most prominent feature is probably Microsoft's 'Junk email Filter' which screens out spam. Other features include the safe senders list, safe recipients list and blocked senders list.

Spam protection is an important part of managing your electronic mail. Spam protection tools can prevent email address harvesting from happening to you. Keep your computer and email program free from junk email.

There are a few ways how you can prevent spam. You should stop spammers from getting your email address by not posting it directly on your webpage or encrypting it. This prevents the 'spam bots' from harvesting it. You also need a good spam filter as well as anti-virus software that constantly checks your incoming emails.

Once you have been spammed, you need spam solutions. To check if your email address is published on a website, use the Google search engine and do a search for your email address. Generally speaking your address is at a great risk or already compromised if Google can find it. You may need to remove your email address from any webpages that are displayed in the search results.

Junk mail usually contains advertisements, product reviews or related marketing material that sounds too good to be true. You are tricked into reading the email by a wonderful headline promising riches or the keys to unlock secrets. Do not respond to these emails or click on any of the links. Rather delete them or put them in a separate folder.

You may also receive domain name spam. This normally happens when spammers obtain domain names from the whois database. They then go ahead and send junk email to such commonly used email addresses such as 'contact@', 'webmaster@' and 'info@'. You may want to avoid email prefixes such as these that are commonly used in conjunction with domain names.

Control or block unwanted spam by installing a spam filter on your computer or have your internet service provider filter your email on their server. You can use spam blocking software to eliminate spam from your life and save you precious time, inbox space and increase your peace of mind.

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This article was about anti spam filtering. Learn how to stop spam today.

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